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Brown vs Black Hair:Which Looks Better?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When it comes to the wig colors you can wear, there are plenty of them you can choose from. The most popular hair colors available are black and brown hair. Is brown or black hair wig more attractive? So if you are in the market looking for a black or brown wig, you will easily find it.

Brown vs Black Hair:Which Looks Better?

But when it comes to these two types of hair colors, which one is better? Well, keep on reading this article as we discuss in-depth these two types of hair colors. In this article, we discuss:

  • Factors to consider before you choose black or brown hair color
  • Why choose black hair?
  • Why choose brown hair?
  • Black vs brown hair, Which one is better?

Let’s get started!

How to choose black vs brown hair?

Before you go ahead and choose either black or brown hair color, there are plenty of factors you need to consider. By considering these factors, you will be able to arrive at the ideal color that is right for you. These factors include:

Brown vs Black Hair:Which Looks Better?

1. Your skin tone

One of the most important factors you should pay attention to when choosing a hair color is your skin complexion. You need to choose a color that will look good on your skin tone. But to do that, you need to determine your skin tone first.

Generally, there are three different types of skin tones, including warm, cool, and neutral. To determine your skin tone, you can use the underside of your wrist. That’s because it is the truest skin color, and it can help you identify both colors and undertones. If your veins appear more purple or blue, it means that you have a cool undertone. If the veins appear greener, it means that you have a warm undertone. But if you see both, it means that you have a neutral undertone. Thankfully black suits all types of skin tones. On the other hand, brown is ideal for a warm skin tone.

2. Your natural hair’s color

Another important factor you need to consider when choosing between black hair color and brown hair color is your natural hair color. If you don’t want a more dramatic look when wearing your wig, you should opt for a color that is not much darker or lighter than your natural hair. You should choose a color that’s close to the color of your natural hair. For instance, if you have black hair, it’s best to opt for a black wig. This will give you a more natural and beautiful look you are yearning for.

On the other hand, if your natural hair is not that black, or you are a brunette, a brown wig is an ideal choice for that natural look.

3. The color of your eyes

Your eyes will also determine which hair color will suit you more. You need to choose a wig color that contrasts your eyes. If you have warm eyes, i.e., yellow-green, green-blue, or golden brown, cooler-toned hair color is ideal. On the other hand, warm-toned wigs are ideal for people with cool eyes [dark blue, icy blue, black-brown, or gray].

4. You age

Your age also plays a crucial role when choosing a hair color. For instance, bold hair colors tend to suit younger women. Thankfully, both brown and black hair color suits women of all ages. So you don’t have to worry that it won’t look good on you because of your age.

Why choose black hair color?

Black hair is attractive to a womanThere are reasons why black hair is common among women. Here are some of the reasons to go for black hair color.

1. It will always be in style

Black hair is very versatile. This is a color that will always be in style, and that’s not about to change. Black is the most transitional color in the fashion industry regardless of the season or occasion. So if you are looking for a hair color that can never go out of style, look no further than black wigs.

2. This color can help highlights your features better

It is no secret that black hair tends to highlight facial features better than lighter colors such as blonde. A black shiny wig acts as a frame around a picture. It draws more attention to the feature as a frame would to the picture in the center.

3. Black hair is easier to maintain

Black hair is one of the easiest hair colors to maintain. The hair color requires low-maintenance compared to other colored wigs that require maximum maintenance to prevent them from fading.

4. Black hair color will save you a significant amount of money on hair color

There is no doubt that hair colors, shampoo, conditioners, and styling products can be extremely expensive. But if you opt for a black wig, you can reduce these expenses significantly. This is because you will make fewer visits to the salon to maintain the hair, unlike when you have a colored wig, and so you have to make frequent visits to the salon to maintain the color of your colored wig.

5. Black hair complements all skin tones

Another incredible reason why you should opt for a black wig is that it suits all types of skin tones. So whether you have a warm skin tone, cool skin tone, or neutral skin tone, if you choose to wear a black wig, it will still look good on you. What’s more, it also complements any type of clothes, thus helping you complete your fashion statement.

Why choose brown hair?

Just like black wigs, brown wigs also have unique features that make them ideal. Brown hair color is also one of the most attractive to guysHere are some of the reasons you should go for a brown wig.

1. It looks stylish

One of the features that make brown wigs a preferred wig for many ladies is that these wigs look very stylish, thus enhancing your beauty. Brown wigs, especially lace front brown wigs look extremely beautiful. They can make you attract attention. Brown wigs can also never run out of fashion.

2. You can wear anything

Sometimes, the hair color you choose to wear can limit the color of clothes you can wear. But this isn’t the case with brown wigs. You can literally wear anything, making it easier for you to shop for your clothes. It is up to you to choose whichever color of clothes you want to wear.

3. They are perfect for any season

Brown wigs are also ideal because they can be worn in any season. Whether you are looking for a winter, summer, or fall wig, a brown wig is an ideal choice for you.  This type of wig is perfect for any season.

4. It makes you look younger

One of the unique features of brown wigs is that they can make you look younger by bringing out a youthful glow in your looks. It will leave you looking younger than you are. Who doesn’t want to look younger? Of course, no one! So if you are looking for a wig that can give you that youthful appearance, a brown wig can help you achieve that.

5. You don’t have to worry about adding other colors

Some women prefer to add colors to their wigs. This can even end up damaging the wig. But this isn’t the case when you opt to buy a brown wig. When you buy a brown wig, you can eliminate the trouble of dyeing your wig into another color because the wig is beautiful as it is.

Brown vs black hair: Which one is better?

Brown vs black hair: Which one is better?

When it comes to dark brown hair vs black hair, it becomes very difficult to say which one is better than the other. That’s because each person has their own taste and preferences. Some may find black hair more appealing while others may prefer brown hair more.

Generally, if you are looking for a versatile hair color that complements any skin tone, a black wig is a perfect choice. But if you have a warm skin tone and looking for a hair color that will look good on you, a brown wig is ideal. If you are used to black hair and would want to try another hairstyle for a change, you can opt for a brown wig. In addition to that, if you are a brunette and looking for a hair color that complements you, a brown wig is an ideal choice.

All in all, there is no better hair color between black and brown. It all depends on your preference and what you find more convenient for you. No matter which hair color you opt for between black and brown hair, you will still look great because both of these colors are beautiful and elegant, and they will definitely enhance your beauty. 

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