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Bohemian Braids: Unleashing the Free-Spirited Charm

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

In the realm of hairstyling, there is a trend that beautifully captures the essence of free-spiritedness and artistic expression – Bohemian Braids. These braids are a fusion of bohemian chic and braiding techniques, resulting in a mesmerizing hairstyle that radiates effortless charm. In this blog, we will explore what Bohemian Braids are, how to create them, and various ways to style your Bohemian Box Braids. So, let's dive into this world of creative freedom and embrace the boho vibes!

What Are Bohemian Braids?

What Are Bohemian Braids

Bohemian Braids, also known as Boho Braids, are a versatile hairstyle that embodies the carefree and bohemian spirit. They are characterized by their loose and undone appearance, creating a laid-back yet stylish look. These braids are a fusion of traditional braiding techniques and bohemian influences, resulting in a unique and effortless hairstyle.

What Do You Need to Make Bohemian Braids?

To achieve the perfect Bohemian Box Braids, you'll need a few essentials. Here's a list of items to have on hand:

Hair Extensions: Opt for high-quality synthetic or human hair extensions in a length and color that suits your desired look. These will be braided into your natural hair to create the voluminous Boho Braids.

Rat Tail Comb: A rat tail comb is essential for creating clean and precise partings, which ensure that your braids are uniform and neat.(You're Using The Wrong Brush For Your Hair Type

Hair Clips or Ties: Use clips or hair ties to divide your hair into manageable sections during the braiding process. This helps maintain organization and control.

Moisturizing Hair Products: Keep your natural hair and the braids hydrated and nourished by using moisturizing hair products, such as leave-in conditioners, oils, or serums.

Edge Control or Gel: Use edge control or gel to tame any flyaways or frizz along your hairline for a polished and sleek finish.

How to Make Bohemian Braids?

Creating Bohemian Braids might seem intricate, but with a few simple steps, you can achieve this stunning hairstyle. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you master the art of Bohemian Braids:

Step 1: Prep your hair

Start by washing and conditioning your hair to ensure it's clean and manageable. Apply a lightweight styling product to add texture and hold to your hair.

Step 2: Part your hair

Create a middle parting or a deep side part, depending on your preference. This will help in achieving an even distribution of braids.

Step 3: Section your hair

Divide your hair into several sections, using clips or hair ties to keep them separate. The size of each section will depend on the thickness and length of your hair.

Step 4: Begin braiding

Take a section of hair from the front and divide it into three smaller sections. Start braiding by crossing the right strand over the middle, then the left strand over the new middle strand. Continue this pattern, incorporating small sections of hair from the sides as you go.

Step 5: Loosen the braid

Once you've completed the braid, gently tug on the sides to loosen it. This will give your Bohemian Braid a more relaxed and undone appearance.

Step 6: Repeat the process

Continue braiding each section of hair until you've completed all the sections. Remember to loosen each braid after finishing it to maintain the Bohemian look.

How to Maintain Boho Braids?

How to Maintain Boho Braids

To prolong the lifespan and beauty of your Bohemian Braids, follow these maintenance tips:

Protect at Night: Wrap your braids in a satin or silk scarf or use a satin or silk pillowcase while sleeping. This minimizes friction and prevents frizz and tangles.

Cleanse and Hydrate: Wash your scalp and braids regularly with a gentle clarifying shampoo, followed by a moisturizing conditioner. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid product buildup. Additionally, apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner or oil to keep your scalp and braids moisturized.

Avoid Over styling: Limit excessive pulling, twisting, or re-braiding of your Boho Braids, as this can weaken the hair and cause breakage. Embrace the natural and relaxed look of the braids.

Minimize Heat Usage: Excessive heat can damage the synthetic or human hair extensions. Limit the use of heat styling tools, such as flat irons or curling irons, and opt for heatless styling methods instead.

Refresh Your Style: As your natural hair grows, you may notice some new growth at the roots. Use a bit of edge control or gel to smooth down the roots and maintain a cohesive look.

Ways to Style Your Bohemian Braids:

Half-Up Top Knot Bohemian Braids

Half-Up Top Knot Bohemian Braids

Gather the top section of your braids and secure them into a high bun or top knot. Leave some loose strands around your face to frame it beautifully. This style is perfect for both casual outings and formal events.

Braided Headband Bohemian Braids

Braided Headband Bohemian Braids

Select a few braids from one side of your head and create a thick braid that wraps around your head like a headband. Secure it with bobby pins, and let the remaining braids flow freely for a romantic and bohemian look. This style is perfect for music festivals or boho-inspired events.

Messy Side Braid Bohemian Braids

Messy Side Braid Bohemian Braids

Gather all your braids to one side and create a loose side braid. Pull out a few strands to create a messy and effortless vibe. This style is perfect for a casual day out or a relaxed beach getaway.

Accessorize with Beads and Shells Bohemian Braids

Accessorize with Beads and Shells Bohemian Braids

Enhance the bohemian vibe of your braids by adding beads, shells, or other decorative elements. Slide small beads or shells onto random braids throughout your hair to create an eye-catching and unique look. This styling option allows you to personalize your braids and make a statement.

High Ponytail Bohemian Braids

High Ponytail Bohemian Braids

Gather all your braids into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Wrap a section of braids around the base of the ponytail to conceal the hair tie and add a polished touch. This sleek and chic style is perfect for a classy and sophisticated appearance.

Side Swept Style Bohemian Braids

Side Swept Style Bohemian Braids

Sweep all your braids to one side and secure them with a hairpin or decorative clip. This effortless and romantic style is suitable for both casual and formal occasions, providing an elegant and feminine touch.

Remember to be gentle when styling your Bohemian Braids to avoid causing tension or breakage. Also, feel free to mix and match these styles, get creative, and adapt them to suit your personal style and preferences. Bohemian Braids offer endless opportunities for self-expression, so embrace your creativity and have fun experimenting with different looks!

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