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Let Auburn Wig Light Your Beauty In The Coming New Year

Last updated Apr 9, 2024

In a month, the bell of the new year will be ringing. A new year may be a new beginning, and we often say that starting from the beginning seems to suggest that it is time for us to choose a new hairstyle and hair color to start a new life in the new year. In the warm tones of joyful red and happiness, the auburn wig is the best hair color to make you stand out. Let auburn wig light your beauty in the coming new year!

1. What is auburn hair color?

As a member of the redhead family, the auburn wig has a luxurious red-orange shade with brown and red undertones. Nowadays, warm tones are becoming more and more popular and red shades of hair color are also sought after. But natural red hair is very rare, only one or two out of a hundred people have natural red hair. It is because of the scarcity of red hair and people's desire to possess the scarce things that auburn hair color has become their first choice. After all, everyone wants to look special.

auburn hair color

With its blend of brown-orange and red, the auburn wig looks special enough yet natural enough to suit almost any skin tone. auburn color is never a single color but a multi-dimensional one, mixing maroon, copper, and caramel blonde to name a few. It has become very popular in recent years due to its wide range of uses.

2. Top auburn wigs in UNice

2.1 Body wave reddish brown wig that perfect for winter

The top-ranked reddish brown wig must have its special features! This auburn wig comes in nearly ten sizes to choose from, with 22 inches being the hottest option. body wave has the sexiest big 'C' shaped curls in its texture, and the 100% human hair wig ensures that your hair doesn't get frizzy easily, but instead looks more textured and shiny. Under natural light, this auburn wig will give off a brown shine, and the red undertones make it look less dull.

2.2 Auburn wig with natural loose curls

Natural water waves can make you look like you belong to that part with scarce red hair because it has the most natural and closest texture to real hair. In addition, this texture is also more suitable for wet and wavy hair, which looks more attractive. To give you a more natural wearing effect, this auburn wig has been set up with pre-cut lace so that you can have a natural hairline while saving time. In addition, the baby hair also makes your auburn wig look more realistic and cute. 13*4 lace front edge can better wrap your forehead, also suitable for people with wide foreheads!

2.3 Auburn layered cut air wig

UNice instantly the hottest new product - air wig. this wig can help your scalp and hair become healthier, wig cap takes the hollow process, and your fingers can always reach into the wig to adjust the hair and wig cap. In addition, the skeleton wig allows your scalp to get full freedom to breathe, no longer exists because the wig is too thick and has heavy scalp itch and scalp inflammation problems. Inside the air wig, there are adjustable straps, unlike ordinary adjustable straps, the air wig is optimized to widen the width of the straps to enhance wearing comfort. It also allows air wigs to adapt to various sizes of heads.

2.4 Dark auburn bob wig

The auburn bob wig is so stunning! If you like the warm hair color of the brown series, then an auburn wig is a very good choice for you. auburn bob wig can make you feel stylish and calm at the same time, and it looks perfect for those working women who often go in and out of office buildings, making you look exquisite even during working hours.

2.5 U-part auburn wig

The u-part allows you to stay away from wearing any glue in your wig, and your hair can be released through the opening above the wig so that your hair seam looks very natural. It is also hard for others to see that you are wearing a wig.

3. Auburn wig review from UNice real customers

N***r 2022/11/21

Buying another one right now!!! Everything from the color to texture/quality, to the length for price... this is the wig for me! Thank you UNice for helping me discover this color.

T***n 2022/11/17

I'm in love with the hair . At first I was kinda of scared to try the color, thought it wouldn't fit my skin complexion. soon as I put it on I fell in love with the color and hair . Definitely will order again

Auburn wig review

N***t 2022/10/24

I've had this wig installed for about a week. beautiful unit but I can't tell what the curl pattern is quite yet. has minimal shedding and tangles. would purchase again. the pictures are from when I got it initially installed and styled.

A***y 2022/10/16

This hair is giving everything it was supposed to gave. The density of the hair is 150% density and it gives just that, the hair is very soft and doesn't shed that much.

Auburn wig review

F***n 2022/10/16

Bought this wig to use with my Magne (BNHA) Cosplay. It's very soft, looks very nice on camera, as long as you're facing said camera.

Z***y 2022/10/20

I purchased this to use for a Amy Pond police costume. It looked great, and I thought it was a good buy.

Auburn wig review

N**** 2022/09/01

Customer service was great!!! The hair is super soft and absolute no shedding. I got my package faster than expected too. The seller was great with keeping me updated as well. Will definitely order from them again!

N***t 2022/09/29

I love the color I'll have this reinstalled a couple times - maybe even dye it

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