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5 Easy Volleyball Hairstyles Tutorial

Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Do you like playing volleyball? Volleyball is a sport that requires quick reflexes, speed and agility. So, your hair mustn't get in the way, and for a fun, cute, and easy-to-care-for hairstyle that you don't have to worry about falling out of your hair during a match, keep reading! We've got 5 easy and great hairstyle tutorials for playing volleyball, so get the hairstyle you want!

1. Classic ponytail

Classic ponytail

The classic ponytail is the MVP of volleyball hairstyles. It's simple, sleek, and effective.

How to pull off a classic ponytail:

● Thoroughly comb your hair to remove tangles.

● Gather your hair at the top of your head, making sure it's tight, but not uncomfortable.

● Secure the gathered hair with a hair tie or bobby pin.

● For added sophistication, wrap a small strand of hair around the hair tie to conceal it.

● The classic ponytail is a solid choice for players of all hair types and lengths. It detangles the hair while exuding a clean, sporty look.

2.Braided Buns

Braided Buns

If you want a polished look and don't want to compromise on functionality, a braided bun is a great option. This hairstyle will keep your hair firmly in place while adding elegance to your volleyball attire.

How to make a braided bun

● Start with a high ponytail at the top of your head.

● Divide the ponytail into three sections.

● Braid each section individually. You can choose to braid a simple three-strand braid or try a fishtail braid or a Dutch braid for added flair.

● After braiding each section, wrap them around the root of the ponytail to form a bun.

● Secure the bun with bobby pins or hairpins.

● Braiding your hair in a bun not only ensures that your hair stays out of the way, but it also adds an element of sophistication to your on-court look. This is a great option for players with longer hair.

3.French braid headband

French braid headband

A French braid headband is a stylish option for those looking for a stylish yet practical hairstyle. It keeps your hair out of your face while showing off your fashion forward side.

How to make a French braid headband

● Starting near your ears, make a French braid on one side of your head.

● Continue braiding along the hairline, adding a small section of hair as you braid.

● Once you have braided to the other side, secure the braid with a hair band or bobby pin.

● French braid headbands are both practical and stylish, making them a popular choice for volleyball players to make a statement on the court.

4.High and tight ponytail

High and tight ponytail

For a modern take on the classic ponytail, consider the high and tight ponytail. It combines practicality with a sleek, modern aesthetic.

How to make a high and tight ponytail

● Brush your hair upwards to the top of your head, making sure it is gathered tightly.

● Secure the gathered hair with a hair tie or bobby pin.

● To hide the hair tie and add a touch of sophistication, take a small strand of hair and wrap it around the hair tie.

● A high, tight ponytail is both functional and sporty-chic looking, making it ideal for players looking to stay stylish on the court.

5.Double dutch twist

Double dutch twist

Double Dutch twists are not only chic, but also functional, keeping your hair safe and stylishly out of sight in the heat of the game.

How to make a double dutch braid

● Divide your hair into two equal parts down the center.

● Start the Dutch braid from the bottom (not the top) of the hair on either side, adding small sections of hair as you go.

● Continue braiding to the ends of your hair.

● Secure each braid with a hair tie.

● The double Dutch braid is a versatile look that works for hairstylists with different hair lengths. It keeps your hair firmly in place while adding an element of style.

In addition to a variety of hairstyles, you can express your love for volleyball by incorporating volleyball-themed hair accessories into your look. These accessories are not only practical but also add fun and energy to your look on the court.


Whatever hairstyle you choose, the key is to find something that suits your personal style and to make sure that your hair can stay out of your way during intense sports.

So the next time you step onto the volleyball court, choose a volleyball hairstyle that is both stylish and functional, and that will keep you looking your best so that you can enjoy volleyball.

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