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3 Easy Ways To Style Your Curtain Bangs

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Curtain bangs are cute, versatile and just the right amount of flirty, and they're perfect for all face shapes and sizes! But how do you get them with signature bangs? How do you get them to have that signature swoopy look? Styling curtain bangs may seem difficult, but it's actually easier than you think. There are multiple ways to give your bangs a voluminous pop, and we've listed them all here. With our help, you'll learn what styling techniques work best for the length and texture of your hair so you can look fabulous.

What are curtain bangs?

What are curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs got their name because they form an inverted "V" shape on either side of your face, surrounding your face like a curtain. Made famous by iconic actresses like Farrah Fawcett and Goldie Hawn, curtain bangs came into the spotlight in the 60s and 70s.

Who do curtain bangs suit best?

Curtain bangs look good on everyone! Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, long, or short hair, curtain bangs look great on everyone. If you have a love-hate relationship with your forehead or hairline, curtain bangs are a perfect solution. While concealing your hairline, this soft, swooping style also helps elongate your facial features.

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How to style curtain bangs?

Round Brush & Blow Dryer

Round Brush & Blow Dryer

Step 1Make sure your bangs are wet

That's fantastic if you've just washed your hair. If not, spraying your bangs with water and styling them while wet will help them stay full and shapely.

Consider spritzing your hair with styling or texturizing spray. This will help your hair stay in place and add volume.

This technique works best on hair that is wavy or straight.

Step 2Apply heat protectant to your bangs.

Before using hot tools, including blow drying, always use a heat protectant! Spray the product on wet hair and begin styling. This step will protect your lovely hair from heat damage.

Step 3Blow the bang roots up and away from your face

With one hand, hold a blow dryer and the other a round brush. Then, curl the round brush and brush the sides of your bangs down in front of your face. Aim the blow dryer at your hair's roots and continue to rotate the brush and your hair upward.

Install a narrow nozzle on your blow dryer to make directing the air easier.

Step 4Blow dry each side of your bangs in the desired direction.

Once the top and roots are dry, blow the bangs on both sides. To achieve this look, use a round brush to grab the bangs on the right side and pluck the hair away from the face at a right angle. Rep on the left side, utilizing the angle on the left. To achieve a soft, swooping look, curl your hair away from your face.

Step 5Fluff up your bangs by brushing them forward.

If your curtain-style bangs aren't as full as you'd like, repeat step two, this time curling the middle section forward and away from your face as you blow dry. Brush them into place with your fingers or a brush, and you're done!

Set your bangs with hairspray to keep them in place.

Flat Iron

Flat Iron

Step 1Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair.

Tuck your hair behind your ears or use a hairband to keep it in place. It doesn't matter how you pull your hair back as long as your bangs are loose.

If you have straight or wavy hair and want to achieve a flattering look, this styling technique is ideal.

Step 2Divide the left side of your bangs into two sections.

Hair and bangs should be separated as usual. Then, divide the left bang curtain into two sections.

Step 3Curl each section of hair into a "C" shape with a flat iron or straightener.

Place the section closest to your face between the flat iron clips, bending the hair into a "C" shape towards your eyes. Repeat the curling technique on the other side of your hair. Allow the "C" shaped curls to cool in your face before proceeding to the right side of the bangs.

Allow the hair on the outer section of each side to be looser than the hair on the first side. It will resemble a small "C" and a large "C" hugging each other.

Step 4Brush your bangs out with a comb.

Once the curls have cooled, poke their tips out and away from your face with your fingers. Use your fingers to pluck or brush them gently until they fall the way you want them to. Grasp your hair's roots with one hand and pluck the tips out with the other. To add texture, curl the hair around your bangs away from your face.

Curling iron

Curling iron

Step 1Keep your curtain bangs separate from the rest of your hair.

Pull your hair back with an elastic band or tuck it behind your ears. Just make sure your bangs are on the outside of your head. For best results, apply this hairstyle to dry, straight bangs.

Step 2Wrap the barrel of your curling iron around your bangs.

Put the iron underneath and the clip on top of your bangs. Curl your bangs forward while pulling the iron upward until the ends are hidden under the clips. The larger the barrel, the looser the curls.

Step 3Allow bangs to cool while clamped in place.

Wrap or curl your hair until the barrel of the curling iron comes into contact with your roots. Then carefully remove the flat iron from your hair. Hold large barrel curls in place with bobby pins or hair clips until they are cool to the touch.

It is not necessary to use a bobby pin or barrette, but it will keep your curls from falling out while you wait.

Step 4Style your bangs with a round brush.

Remove your clips and let your bangs fall out once they've cooled - it's okay if they're a little wild at first! Curl your bangs gently with a round brush. Curl them up and away from your face at an angle with the round brush. Brush the left side of your bangs left and the right side of your bangs right.

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