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27 Hair Color Vs 30 Hair Color? Here Is The Ultimate Guide

Last updated Apr 28, 2024

Consider going for a color change on your hair? Or get stuck in choosing hair colors for wigs and hair extensions? There are hundreds of colors when it comes to hair dyes, and it surely gets us confused if two or three colors look the same at first impression.

And here is the ultimate guide to the difference between 27 hair color and 30 hair color.

Let's dive into it.

What Hair Color Is 27?

27 hair color

27 hair color, someone would call it honey blonde color or strawberry blonde. The color is a mix of brown, blonde, and a bit of red, and it is similar to reddish-brown in human hair colors. And the 27 hair color is considered to be a light auburn color sometimes.

What Is 30 Color In Hair?

30 hair color

Compared with color 27, 30 hair color is a medium auburn. Instead of a blonde color tone like #27, color 30 belongs to brown hair color. The 30 hair color is more like a mixture of light brown and a little red.

What Is The Difference Between 27 And 30 Hair Color?

27 30 hair color mixed

27 hair color is a color of blonde family, which color is lighter. While 30 hair color is categorized into brown hair schemes, 30 hair color is darker than 27 hair color.

27 Hair Color Vs 30 Hair Color: Which One Is Perfect For Me?

27 30 hair color chart

1. Match Your Natural Hair Color

If you are going to get hair dyed or hair extensions with these two colors, the best choice is to get one that matches your natural hair color. Both 27 and 30 hair colors are perfect for natural brown hair. Honey blonde and auburn hair-colored extensions can perfectly blend with brown hair to create a brown balayage look. 27 hair color is your best choice if you are going for some highlights on your hair.

2. Choose The Color That Flatters Your Skin Tone

27 hair color is a great choice for lighter skin color, such as light brown skin. If you have a darker skin tone, 30 hair colors can bring out your best features.

What 27 And 30 Color Look Like In Wigs And Hair Weaves?

Before you head into the hair salon or buy wigs, the first thing to do is to know what the colors look like on your hair and what hair schemes you want to experience.

The Best 27 Hair Color And 30 Hair Color Ideas:

Wanna experience some new colors on your hair? Here are some of the best 27 and 30 hair color inspirations for your next salon trip.

1B 30 Hair Color

1B 30 Hair Color

1b color (black) and the auburn light brown can make a perfect combination. With exotic body waves, the 1b30 color hair is your first choice for dark-colored hair inspirations.

4 30 Hair Color Mix

4 30 Hair Color Mix

The chocolate brown matches well with 30 colors to give you a natural blending look.

27 Hair Color

27 Hair Color

This 27-hair color style can help you achieve a warm look.

1B 27 Hair Color Combination

1B 27 Hair Color Combination

If you want to try a natural ombre hair color, the combination of black and honey blonde can be your perfect choice.

4 27 Hair Color Mix

4 27 Hair Color Mix

Check out these piano highlights with 4 colors and 27 colors. This definitely is one of the best highlights ideas that you can steal for your next salon trip.

27 30 Color Braids

27 30 color braids

Source: @chichiokigbae

27/30 Color Braids refer to a stylish and vibrant hairstyle that involves incorporating 27 to 30 different colors into braided hair. This intricate and eye-catching technique allows for a spectrum of hues to be woven together seamlessly, creating a stunning and dynamic look.

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