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What is unprocessed brazilian hair?

Unprocessed brazilian hair still has the cuticle intact; it has not been chemically processed. Meaning the cuticles of the strands are totally intact.The brazilian unprocessed hair is also usually from a single donor.

What is the difference between processed brazilian hair and unprocessed brazilian hair?

Processed brazilian hair has been dyed and styled already, the hairs in unprocessed remy brazilian bundle hair is natural, besides,unprocessed brazilian hair is also much stronger than hair that is already partially damaged.

One advantage of unprocessed virgin brazilian hair is that it can be styled using heat tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons with little damage (as long as they are used moderately and not excessively).

Meanhile,the main disadvantage of unprocessed brazilian hair bundles are their price, however, it may be worth purchasing a more costly hair piece, as in the long run it saves you money due to its long life span and increased condition at purchase.

How to care unprocessed brazilian hair?

1.Before shampooing your brazilian unprocessed virgin hair, always detangle it.

2.Always condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner

3.Condition your hair at least once every week.

Let it air dry after washing it.

Treat your raw unprocessed brazilian hair as your own hair.




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