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Hi there! We’d like to have a huge discount carnival every month, to feedback the continued support of our customers and fans. So UNice Brand Day was born. We have been going into overdrive and giving you guys a big surprise on UNice brand day. If you love hair and have an interest in our store and what we do, we really encourage you to participate.

When is UNice Brand Day?

On the 15th of every month!

What can I get on UNice Brand Day?

Big bonus or coupon, Flash deals, Buy 1 Get 1, Giveaway... and other crazy special offers.

How to get early access to UNice Brand Day?

1. Just sign up and subscribe to our newsletter


2. Follow our social media accounts.

Sweet deals for sweet you on the 15th of every month, come and join us ASAP!




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P.S : Do save your order number for the second round to win Iphone 11 and more BIG prizes here.

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