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About the U·Nice Experience Officer

With our Experience Officer platform we want to know what you think about our new hair products. This way you can share your thoughts about our products and help us to improve them. Your feedback as a Experience Officer will provide us with valuable insights to improve and innovate the U·Nice product range. Join our Experience Officer program, you can get the free products also we will post your social account on U·Nice , your followers will be increased fast. Join us now

How to become a product test?

Your Product preferences

Which hair products will you use in daily routine?

Hair Bundles (Single option)

Hair Bundles With Closure&Frontal (at most 2 options)

Human Hair Wigs (at most 2 options)

Lace Color (Single option)

What Length Would You Prefer? (at most 12 options)

What Hair Color Are Your Favorite? (Multiple Options)

What Hair Textures Do You Like? (at most 14 options)

How Often Do You Change The Hair? (Single option)

When Will You Wear The Human Hair? (Single option)

What Tools Will Be Used When You Install And Wear The Hair? (at most 2 options)

How Much Would You Spend On Each Hair Purchase Averagely? (Single option)

How Long Do Hair Bundles & Wigs Last (at most 4 options)

What Are Your Personal Skills Of Wear And Care Of The Human Hair? (at most 7 options)

Please Describe Some Of Your Successful Experiences On That Shortly With Words

Please Describe Some Of Your Successful Experiences On That Shortly With Pictures(Picture Is Optional)

------ The Primary Reason For You To Choose The Products Sold Online. ------

Please Let Us Know How You Heard About The Hair Brands? (at most 7 options)

Which Hair Brands Will You Consider Before Purchase? (Multiple Options)

In Your Own Words, What Are The Things That You Like To See From The Product Pictures?

Is It Necessary To Attach Video In The Product Picture Show? (Single option)

What Description Do You Want To See In The Product Details?

Personally Identifiable Information

Have You Ever Purchase From Unice (Single option)

What’s Your First Impressions Of Unice Hair?

Your Occupation (Single option)

Your Age

Your Personal Social Account

What photography And Photo / video Editing Software Do u Use In Commonly?

Your Personal Photo

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