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Luxurious UNice Loose Wave Sew In

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What Is Loose Wave Sew In?

Loose wave sew in hair,is also called loose deep wave sew in or loose body wave sew in, is a new appeared hairstyle accompanying with people’s demand. The texture of the 100% virgin Remy loose wave hair bundles is unique, the curling is between loose wave and deep wave, it is bigger than deep wave, but smaller than loose wave. Loose wave hair texture is the synthesis of the loose wave and deep wave.

Body wave weave sew in is very popular because it’s versatile and elegance.Body Wave hair weave is a lush hair texture with a deep S-shaped wave pattern. It is voluminous, low maintenance, and versatile.

Why Choose Loose Wave Sew In?

Sew in with loose wave hair is extremely popular and the look is extremely natural look. The flexibility that comes with the natural wave pattern allows seamless blends well with both relaxed and natural hair types. The thickness is unmatched at this price point. 

The Loose Wave sew in weave has a lot of body and versatility once installed and can be worn in the natural wave pattern as well as bone straight. Heat and color can be safely applied for a beautiful, customized look. 

Unice Loose Wave Sew In Hair Extension

Our Loose Wave sew in hairstyles are is 100% Virgin, Grade 7A/8A/10a with bundle cuticle is intact. You will notice each bundle of virgin hair has a natural taper at the ends. 

UNice wholesale best quality loose wave weave sew in, in any style and color.

thick brazilian loose wave sew in,malaysian loose wave sew in,peruvian loose wave sew in,indian sew in weave loose wave,short or long loose wave sew in,loose wave with closure sew in and loose wave sew in with closure,different hairstyles for your choice.

Detail Of Unice Loose Wave Weave Sew In

Our collection of 100% virgin Loose Wave hair is the perfect foundation for all your carefree, flirty, wavy looks.

About our sew in loose wave:

1. Material: 100% Unprocessed Human Hair

2. Texture: 8/9/10A Grade Loose Wave Weave Hair For Braiding

3. Color: Natural Black,Close To 1b,Can Be Dyed,Bleached And Restyled As Your Own Hair

4. Length: 8-28 Inches Mixed Length 3 /4 Bundles of Hair Bundles, Soft N Nice

5. 100±5g/bundle,300g Mink Loose Wave Bundles a Package

6.Hair Weft: Double Weft,No Tangle & Shedding,High Quality,No Chemical Process

Remarks:The Hair Has Enough Volume, For Same Standard Weight 100g/Bundle, The Longer, The Thinner.For Hair True LENGTH, Pls Stretch It To Be STRAIGHT Then Measure it

Faq About Loose Wave Sew In Hairstyles:

Q: How Many Pieces For a Full Head?

A: For Average Head Size,10 – 32" needs 2 bundles for a full sew in. 18” to 30” needs 3 to 4 bundles for a full sew in.

Q: How Long Does It Last?

A: Treat It Like Your Own Hair And Take Good Care Of It, The Hair Will Last More Than 6 Months. Good Hair Materials Make The Hair Products More Strong And Last Long.

Q: How To Maintain & Care for your Loose Wave Hair?

* Wash your hair once a week.

* Using your finger comb your hair smoothly before washing, ensure your hair is tangling free.

* Washing your hair with mild water.

* Suggest using a pre-conditioning treatment before using the shampoo, in order to keep the hair moisturized.

* Massage your scalp gently, don’t rude to your hair during washing.

* Dry your hair with a clean towel, not wring your hair. Just use the towel to blot up the water from your hair. Then use the natural air for drying, avoid using the electric hair drier.

If you are tired of your current hairstyle, trying the loose wave weave hairstyles might be a good choice. Find the perfect deal for Sew In deep wave Hair Extensions with free shipping for many items at UNice hair supply store.




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