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Unice Human Hair-A Natural Extension of U

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Here We Choose The Best Virgin Remy Indian Wavy Hair For You

Why Choose Remy Indian Wavy Hair?

If you are looking for extremely gorgeous Indian Wavy hair,we recommended the body,loose,deep and natural wavy of high quality human hair. These hair wavy bundles are soft, smooth and natural looking.100% unprocessed virgin remy indian wavy human hair are full cuticle hair.Since the cuticles are intact and go in the same direction, so the cuticles protect the hair and prevent tangling, giving you long-lasting soft hair. Our 100% Virgin Indian Wavy hair bundles has a natural wave pattern and color. The hair can be bleached, colored and dyed as desired. It also can be flat ironed straight or curled as desired.With proper maintenance,these wavy hair wefts can easily last up to 1 years.

Virgin Indian wavy hair in its natural state is full of beautiful soft waves.UNice's wavy hair is raw virgin hair and is the pure virgin hair on the market . With proper styling the hair can easily go from wavy to straight. When washed, the waves return to their beautiful natural state.The wavy hair is versatility,easy to style and maintain. When the Indian wavy hair is wet, it becomes a loose wave. And as the hair dries, it beautifully transforms into a deep wave. This hair is perfect for women on the go with minimum time for styling,so lots of customers like it.

Our 100% raw virgin indian wavy hair bundles is unprocessed chemical free human hair,and this texture is truly versatile and the most popular.For a full sew in weave and getting a natural-looing, we recommended bundle deals of 3 bundles of indian way hair. For lengths over 18", we recommended 4 bundles hair deals.The more volume desired, the more bundles required.


Customer Reviews

Hands down the best curly hair I have had!! It's soft, doesn't tangle, beautiful curls . And it is so inexpensive!! Check them out.--@Miss Germaine TAKEOVER
This is probably one of the best curly hair extensions I have ever received! This hair is super super soft. Ever since I washed the 4 bundles and installed it, I have experienced little to zero shedding. I will be purchasing this hair again! --@Ashley Orjiako
The curl pattern is nice, it is soft. The ends are a little dry. The weft are constructed very well. It looks full and thick. --@Jordan Woods
I was skeptical at first because the prices were so low compared to what I usually pay for hair, but the hair is amazing. It is really soft. I have installed this hair 3 times & it still looks amazing. I've also cut it short & dyed it. All in all, I love it!--@Jasmine
I ordered the hair Monday night & it came Friday morning. I co-washed & conditioned my hair b4 I installed it. It looks very nice. If u order this hair, u won't be disappointed! Thank you & MAY GOD BLESS!--@Jean
Shipping came 3 days, with eyslash as gift. This hair has no nasy smell, so silky and soft.The bundles are thick, full of my head.So impressed with this fabulous hair, very nice.--@Deja

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