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Indian Straight Hair

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Why Choose Indian Straight Hair Extensions?

Indian Straight hair weave is extremely EXOTIC! It blends well with natural or relaxed hair textures. Indian hair is very soft, lustrous, and carries lots of volume. Straight Indian hair bundles give a very beautiful hairstyle, very silky, super shiny.

UNice Indian Straight Hair Weave

Hair Material: 100% Raw Unprocessed Virgin Indian Human Hair .

Hair Quality: UNice Indian remy straight hair can be bleached and dyed, permed and styled; double strong weft, tight and neat; no tangle no shedding

Hair Color: Natural black color raw Indian straight human hair extensions. Can be made bob hair wig.

Hair Length: 8 inch-30 inch peruvian straight hair all in stock.

Full Head: Short then 18inch 3 Bundles are Enough, Longer Then 18inch 4 Bundles Would be Better.

How do you take care of Indian straight weave hair?

To better maintain your virgin straight hair extensions, you should make sure to:

Wash at least once weekly with shampoo that has a pH level no higher than 7

Dilute shampoo with warm water

Shampoo should be sponged into your hair

Rinse the hair thoroughly

Use conditioner and comb the hair, starting from the ends and working your way up

Rinse out the conditioner and let the hair air dry


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