Ⅰ.By review
Every month there will be 6 lucky girls picked to get free hair. Plus, if your photo is chosen to use as a product picture, a free hair will definitely rewarded back.(Tips to win free hair, click).
Ⅱ.By joining in our affiliate program

UNice develops an open and transparent platform for people who have sales channel to earn commission. Being an affiliate of UNice gives people a chance to get bonus money weekly. (Instructions to be an affiliate, click here)

Ⅲ.By taking part in Giveaways
There are occasional giveaways on UNice’s Instagram and Youtube channels every month. Please keep tuned to get luxurious UNice hair for free.
Instructions to Photo And Video review
  • 1.Picture: Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful and Clear
    Instagram tag unicehair or Facebook tag unicemall
  • 2.Youtube video:
    Length: No shorter than 3 minutes.
    Lyric: Subject must include UNice hair, description box must have
    Important: Good comment, positive feedback and HD(high definition)
  • If the picture or video is good enough, it can be posted on UNice’s offical account and tag back to promote your own channel! Try to catch the chance, my divas!