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Colored Human Hair Wigs

Welcome to UNice Mall,You can find all kinds of colored wigs human hair.Straight Lace Frontal Colored Wigs,human hair colored short wigs,colored human hair wigs with bangs,Color Wigs blonde,ombre,red,brown etc.

Faq about UNice colored human hair wig

About Cap Size

Our human hair colored wigs is the average size with elastic straps, it suits for almost all the size, recently we fix radian of the lace and use filler to keep up the radian, so the wigs can match head perfectly. If you feel the hair wigs is small, you can remove the elastic straps at back.

How To Avoid Tangle And Shedding

* Use the proper mild shampoo and conditioner 

* Do not sleeping with the lace wig wear on 

* Do not wash the wig frequent, wash your wig about every three weeks or 2 weeks in the summer 

* Do not to blow dry the hair with a high setting since otherwise the knots may be damaged or split, just let it air-dry or in low temperature

How often should I wash my wig? 

If you wear your wigs every day, at least once a week is recommended. If you do not use often, wash after a few times use. Please do not store your wig without washing. If you do not wash your wig often, the hair will less smoothy, and thus will cause the tangling

How Long This Wig Could Last?

The UNice colored wig could last for a very long time depends on how you treat it and how often you wear, wash, and color them etc. Treat the hair like your own hair and take good care of it will last longer. The better you take care with them the longer they will last.

Best Human Hair Colored Wigs Online 

Buy colored wigs with bleached knots and pre-plucked hairline at Ombre wigs, blonde wigs, brown wigs in any style and color,Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, Deep Wave and Natural Wave, different hairstyles for your choice.




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