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Not Only Halloween, You Can Try Red Wigs at Any Time

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Red hair can give anyone a hot, fun, lively or funky look, but dying your hair red may make you feel a little risky. If you want to have red hair for a while, there's a very simple option: a red wig! Halloween is just around the corner and not just for Halloween, if you are thinking about changing your hair color but not quite sure what color then, let us introduce you to the world of ginger.

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Yes, we will be talking about this gorgeous red hair! Not only are redhead wigs super sexy, but they are great for almost anyone no matter what your skin tone is, and it all comes down to which shade of red you choose. Read on to learn how to enter the world of red wigs.

Who can wear a red wig?

There are many different kinds of red, subtle strawberry blonde, mature burgundy redhead, and amber red hair are all popular redheads. But you may ask, what kind of red wig is right for me?

For beginners, if you want to wear the right color wig, you can choose the color according to your skin tone, the darker your skin tone, the darker the red you choose, your actual skin tone will tell you which red suits you best.

Red wigs for fair skin

Red wigs for fair skin

If your skin is a little brighter and fairer, then you can choose a warm red wig, such as strawberry blonde, copper or solid red. Don't choose a darker color than red, as darker shades can make you look pale. These warm red tones will prevent this from happening. You can refer to Emma Stone. She is very elegant with her copper red hair.

Red wigs for medium skin tones

Red wigs for medium skin tones

If you have a medium skin tone, then there are more options in terms of wig color. You can try from bronze red all the way to dark russet. Your skin can make you look a little yellowish, so you can refer to Ariana Grande with long natural red hair in a loose ponytail for a very minimalist look!

Red wigs for dark skin

Red wigs for dark skin

If you have a darker skin tone, then it is best suited with cooler shades of red because it accentuates your skin tone and makes you look very attractive. Chestnut brown, burgundy, and even red velvet colors are perfect for you.

Do not choose a red wig that is too bright as it may contrast very significantly with your skin. Keke Palmer added a touch of bangs to her long red hair to add a bit of edge to the look.

Whether it's a curly amber red wig or a long natural red wig, you can't go wrong. Your red hair is already striking, so any will only make you stand out even more and stand out from the rest.

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Length of the red wig

You can choose different lengths of wigs depending on your face shape, but the best thing to consider when choosing a wig length is to think about the shade of red.

If it is a dark red then the longer the wig will not stand out. If it is bright red, then the shorter the better for everyday wear - 16 inches and under.

Wig care for synthetic red hair wigs

Wig care for synthetic red hair wigs● If your synthetic wig is heat resistant, use a low heat setting.

● If your synthetic wig is curly, a wide-tooth comb is the best choice.

●When you wash your wig, do not rub or wring out the hair as this can create knots and irreversibly damage the synthetic hair fibers.

●Synthetic wigs can be washed as usual with a mild shampoo. If your wig becomes curly for some reason, washing it with a fabric conditioner can smooth out the fibers - it sounds strange, but it works.

●The great thing about synthetic wigs is that the color never fades ...... So you can't fade the color for it, it will stay just one color from the time the wig reaches you until he is unusable.

Wig care for red human hair wigs

● If you choose a human hair red wig, then you will need to deep condition it with a conditioner specifically designed for coloring hair to ensure the color does not fade.

●It is also important that the color-treated human hair wig should not be dyed again as it will shorten the life of the wig.

●Since the hair has been color-treated, hair oil is a good way to nourish red human hair wigs, spray moisturizers, and moisturizers containing vegetable oils can also calm frizz.

●In terms of using heat, the consensus is that heat styling tools are great, but overuse of heat can damage hair and reduce the duration of the wig.

So you see, anyone can wear a red wig and keep it a color that compliments you and a manageable length, whether it's a curly amber red wig or a long natural red wig, you can't go wrong. Your red hair is already striking, so anything will only make you stand out more and stand out.

Halloween red wigs

With all that said about wigs for everyday use, it's time to plan your Halloween costume or host a scary Halloween party with family and friends. From Lucille Ball in "I Love Lucy" to Christina Hendricks in "Mad Men", redheads have always had a special place in Hollywood.

You can imitate the classic starlet this Halloween in a vintage dress and a glamorous red wig. We'll share unique redhead Halloween costumes that pay homage to all the redheads out there.

Anna from Frozen

Anna from Frozen

Anna the Redhead is the brave and lovely Anna, Princess of Arundel in "Frozen" and "Frozen 2". Transform into the beloved protagonist and let a friend (or your sister) become Elsa.

The Scarlet Witch from Visions of Wanda

The Scarlet Witch from Visions of Wanda

Comic book fans will love dressing up as Wanda, also known as the Scarlet Witch.

Pennywise from It

Pennywise from It

If your party guests aren't afraid of regular clowns, don't worry. You'll scare them with this Pennywise costume.

Black Widow from The Avengers.

Pennywise from It

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there's a reason this black suit dressed as a crime fighter is popular. With a long red wig and a monochromatic costume, you too can be a hero.

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