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Why Peanut Butter Cup Hair Is Perfect For This Fall?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Have some thoughts about getting new experience on switching up hair colors for the upcoming fall, but not wanting a risky style? Probably a peanut butter cup color is destined for your vibe in this fall, especially when you already have chocolate brown hair, or some colored hair bundles and wigs involved.

Peanut Butter Cup

What Is Peanut Butter Hair Color?

You probably know what a peanut butter cup is if you have a sweet tooth. This hair color is just like the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate, which is a mix of dark brown and warm blonde shades. This look demonstrates that not only the blonde is exclusive for hair color diversity, but the deeper hair tones can be part of this fun.

Why Peanut Butter Hair Color Is Perfect For This Fall?

Warm, soft, earthy, and muted color represents the tones of autumn. That is why Chocolate peanut butter color goes well with fall, it perfectly melts with this beautiful falling leaves season.

And the color is well coordinated with shoulder-length to waist-length hair. Whatever you have straight hair or wet and wavy hair, you can easily adapt to the peanut butter air color.

Much like money piece hair, this color needs minimum effort to create and maintain. It is a lot easier if you already have brown hair, you can bleach and dye only some stripes as the face framing highlights. Since you don't have to process all of the hair, you can keep the care routine as usual, and just keep the highlighted hair less washed and heat processed.

What Hair Colors Are Perfect To Create Peanut Butter Hair?

We suggest using light or dark brown and a bit of light color, such as blonde, 613 hair color, as the face-framing highlights stripes to light up the look. Basically, it needs some dark colors to be the main tone, and another lighter color to flatter the whole complexion.

And it can be adapted well with Balayage hair, using dark chocolate color in general and light color at the end of the hair to create dimensions and layers.

Some Style Ideas For Peanut Butter Cup Hair

Brown Balayage Body Wave Hair

Brown Balayage Or Caramel Balayage Straight Hair

Balayage Hair With The Headband

Dark Brown Curly Balayage Hair

Light Brown Balayage On Dark Hair

Honey Balayage Short Hair

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