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Why hair extensions don't last longer

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

With that said, there are some hair extensions that will never meet your standards even with the utmost hair extensions care. So, if keeping your long, luscious tresses has been more of a chore than a luxury.We will talk about why hair extensions don't last long and what lead to its damage, then we would tell you how to make your human extensions last longer in this blog, hope we can help you!


Why hair extensions don't last longer

1.Your human hair extensions aren’t authentic

Often times, as hair buyers, we battle with the notion of being sold artificial hair that is claiming to be human hair on the packages. As we all know, hair extensions have never been chemically dyed or styled, and their cuticles are always intact and flowing in the same direction. That means the extensions are smoother, softer, stronger, and more manageable than any other type of real human hair extensions on the market. So, the human hair is more expensive than synthetic counterparts.So many sellers provide fake human hair extensions to make money.


2.You’ve haven’t been caring your hair correctly

Is special care necessary after having my extensions applied?It’s important for you to care your hair extensions, no matter clip in or tape in hair extensions.Extensions may be treated as regular hair but long hair always needs special attention. Great Lengths offers quality products and special brushes.Besides, the number one rule to making your human hair extensions is to use proper hair extension care products. The first thing to eliminate from your beauty regime is unhealthy hair products.

How to make your human extensions last longer


1.Don’t Sleep in Your Extensions

Sleeping in your extensions is one of the fastest ways to rough up the ends in my opinion. If for some reason you need or want to sleep with them in, I suggest braiding them into two pigtails (a regular braid is the best) then instead of tying off the ends as normal, only pull through half way so that you have little mini “buns” at the ends. This will help the hair not to fray while you’re sleeping.

2.Brush your hair

It is recommended to brush your hair at least twice a day. Don't be afraid to pull the extensions out — it's not going to happen. If you don’t brush your hair, your natural hairs that you normally lose (about 100 a day) can get tangled in your extensions. Also, your hair will become matted and cause a painful removal process.

3.Wash Sparingly

I normally wash my extensions every few weeks. When you do wash them, it’s best to use a shampoo/conditioner that is made for extensions. ONly this can you get the perfect bundle to keep your virgin hair extensions look shiny and fresh!

4.Air Dry

Using as less heat as possible is of you, of course, o help the longevity of your hair! I wash mine at night, then let them air dry on a towel overnight and that way I never have to wait around for them to dry!

5.Hair Style

One would think that hair extensions have to be on your head to style them. NOT TRUE! Use the hair extension caddy to conveniently style your extensions with both of your of your hands while the hair is kept in place. Now you have options, style them installed with your own hair or style them before you install them. It's now possible with the caddy.

6.Keep Extensions In A Safe Place

Rather than having your best hair extensions tossed around in a drawer, keep them nice and brushed hanging straight in your Hair Storage Bag that way when you go to retrieve them you’re not having to brush out unnecessary tangles.we overnight and that way I never have to wait around for them to dry!

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