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Virgin Brazilian VS Malaysian Hair:Which one is better?

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When it comes to hair weave or extensions, more and more people consider that all hair types are relatively the same. To be honest with you, this is far from the truth.

Virgin Brazilian and Malaysian hair are top choices among women all over the world. But which one should you choose? It is important that you should know what difference exists between them.Virgin Brazilian Vs Malaysian Hair

Here is some hair knowledge of the two hair types which will help you make decisions.

About Brazilian hair

Brazilian Hair is very popular on the market because of its versatility.

◆ It blends with many hair types, its silky, has a healthy shine and natural luster and comes in straight, wavy and curly textures.

◆ It holds a curl extremely well. The hair comes in a variety of different types, textures, and styles, and it comes in a variety of lengths as well as colors. It comes in curly, wavy, or straight textures.

◆ Compared to Indian hair, this hair type is silkier and shinier. Virgin Brazilian hair also tends to have a shiny feel and appearance.

◆ Not only is this type of hair soft but also smooth. When cared for properly, this hair type can last longer. No special maintenance is needed for the hair. Generally, Brazilian hair will match any hairstyle.

brazilian body wave brazilian curly hair

About Malaysian hair

Malaysian Hair is very luxurious because of its excessive shine. Its luster is high to medium. After washing the hair, the shininess of Malaysian hair is reduced and returns to a more natural look and luster.

◆ It will take on a more natural shine, a medium to low luster like the Brazilian hair. This hair is softer and silkier than Brazilian hair! When wet it will take on an elegant wave. 

◆ Malaysian hair bundles also holds curls well and needs no assistance to do so as well. The colors of Malaysian hair are limited and can usually only be found in black and dark brown.

◆ This hair blends extremely well with relaxed African American hair and other similar hair types.

malaysian wavy hair malaysian curly hair

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave

Brazilian hair is soft, durable and thick with a medium luster that blends well with nearly all hair types. Our 100% Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair is silky, luxurious, and wavy. It has an elegant natural wave pattern and comes in a natural dark color (1b).  

body wave hair


Virgin Malaysian Body Wave

Malaysian wavy hair can be considered heavy or thick while compared with Brazilian hair. It's extraordinarily silky and has a stunning natural shine. Malaysian hair has a beautiful wave pattern that blends with medium and coarse textures. 

malaysian body

Brazilian Straight Hair

Brazilian Straight Hair has a very coarse and thick texture. The hair takes well to heat and styling and is durable in humidity when properly cared for. The feel of this hair is very silky and straight with beautiful softness and a full body. This type of hair is great for making lace wigs and sew-ins. 

Brazilian Straight Hair

Malaysian Straight Hair 

The texture of virgin Malaysian hair is typically straight but it may also have slight waves at the time it is collected from the original donor. Malaysian hair has a silky texture, it blends well with relaxed hair and is very popular among African American women. 

Malaysian Straight Hair

Brazilian Curly Hair 

Brazilian curly hair is coarse and naturally curly in nature. It is found in dark brown to near black in color. This hair extension is durable and bouncy and mixes well with  Afro-Caribbean hair types. If you want the hair to cover your full body then Brazilian curly hair bundles are one of the best choices. This hairstyle holds well in heat and humidity.  

Brazilian Curly

Malaysian Curly Hair

Malaysian Curly hair is thick, coarse, and comes with a tight but luxurious curl pattern.UNice Malaysian curly hair is thick, airy, and comes with a tight curl pattern. The curls on Malaysian hair hold very well without the need for additional curling products or holding sprays.

Malaysian Curly Hair


  1. 1. Virgin Brazilian and Malaysian hair are both excellent choices when it comes to buying virgin best virgin hair weave. If you need hair that is thicker and coarser, then Brazilian hair is best for you.
  1. 2. If you’re in the need of soft and wavy hair, Malaysian hair is the best for you. Brazilian and Malaysian virgin bundle hair deals are two of the best hair types on the market and you’ve made a good decision, no matter which one you choose.
  1. 3. In a word, both types of virgin hair extensions have their own characteristics that u may seek. It is up to you to decide which of these virgin hair extensions would best suit your natural hair color, texture, and your desired hairstyle.

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