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Which hurt hair more,dye or perm?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

In daily life, many femininity who like beauty herself often go to the hairdresser salon to change her hairstyle. Hair coloring and perm is the most common way to add their beauty. As we all know, both of them will damage their natural hair weaves. Hence, which hurt the hair more,dye or perm?

Relatively speaking, Hair Coloring damage the hair more. General perm is use of the hot way to change the hair structure, will not cause too much damage to the scalp, but easy to make the hair becomes dry, and emerge the phenomenon of hair fork.While hair dye drops directly to the skin of the head, will increase the dandruff, what’s the worst ,would serious cause remy virgin hair loss.

Which hurt the hair more,dye or perm?

Dye hair damage greatly

Perm need to use medicinal liquid, however hair coloring not only put medicine to soften hair, but also use the hair coloring agent. Some material of the hair coloring agent inside are carcinogenic, besides,before dying hair the hairstylist should fade the hair,which damage the hair perm extraordinary, especially with light colored hair, such as silver, or with the hair color different colors, such as red, blue, and purple.

Dye and perm both will make the hair damaged to some extent,not only Brazilian body wave,but also peruvian curly, Indian straight weave and so on.You would better change it preferably not more than two times within a year, otherwise it will affect the normal growth of hair, and even lead to folliculitis. But for Hair coloring, damage to the hair perm is generally more.

Why does it damage hair?

The oxidant will not only fade melanin, but also the hair protein oxidation, just because it can protect the hair away from damage, so the hair would get easy to lose elasticity,and being dry and difficult to comb.

It must damage the original protein bond in the in the process of perm, and then change the curls of hair.Therefore, perm also has damage to the hair to some extent. Warm reminder: woman who love perm or dye your hair, control the frequencies you damage your hair.

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