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Where To Buy Keratin hair Extensions

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Are you ready for Brown Blonde Keratin Hair Extensions? If the answer is yes, then get your hands on some Brown Blonde Keratin Hair Extensions as quickly as you can. These extensions are the real deal and putting them in your hair will give you a great confidence boost. May be the Brown Blonde Keratin Hair Extensions will make you feel sexy as well. 

As you may already knowthere are so many keratin hair extensions seller on the market, how do you know which to choose?So where to buy best keratin human hair extensions?In this guide, I'' show you some concrete information of keratin hair extensions.

You will learn:

1.What’s keratin hair extensions

2.How to care it to prolong its lifespan

* What’s keratin hair extensions

If you are setting up your first hair extension business, or are simply looking to purchase a set of pre-bonded hair extensions,it is very likely that you would have come across the term keratin.For many people, the word keratin holds little meaning other than ''the glue used to fit hair extensions'', however what many do not realise is that keratin is in fact not a glue at all, and in understanding what keratin is you will come to learn where it comes from and how it works, so that the next time someone asks about your Malaysian Keratin extensions you can answer them with confidence.

Keratin hair extensions are known by a number of other names, including u-tips, i-tips, fusion hair extensions, bonding hair, bonded hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions or simply micro bonding.  Keratin hair extensions come pre-tipped with a keratin-based adhesive that is melted with a low-heat iron to create a bond with your own natural hair. The bond created by keratin bonds is quite strong and can last for two or more months.

It's good to remember that not all suppliers use the same keratin bonds, and some will last longer than others. However, your keratin bond should last you at least 3-4 weeks before starting to come loose.

 * How to care it to prolong its lifespan

Because of the strength of keratin bonds, maintenance is a bit easier than with other types of hair extensions.

1.First, only wash your hair after 48 hours from time of installation.  

2.Ensure you brush your remy virgin hair (only when it is dry) before you shower in the morning and before bedtime to prevent matting and tangling.

3.Do not brush wet hair as this will increase the likelihood of breakage. 

4.Do not wash your hair upside down - in order to prevent unnecessary tangling. 

5.You can use a shampoo and conditioner as long as it does not contain sulfur and alcohol, which tend to break down the bonds faster while drying out both your natural hair and the extensions. 

6.Do not use a flat iron close to the bond as it produces excessive heat, which can weaken or melt the bonds. Invest in a satin pillow to prevent moisture from being soaked from your hair while you sleep.  

7.Avoid water containing chlorine or salt water - if you must swim, pre-condition your hair and wear a good quality swim cap.

Please note that only a trained professionals should remove your hair extensions to prevent any damage to your natural hair.

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