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What Lead to Hair Shedding and How to do

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When it comes to hair shedding, most women would feel confused and don't know to deal with this problem. As a beauty product seller, today I will share with you some common wrong practices that you have done on your virgin human hair weave and tell you what should you do to farthest avoid the shedding.


a: Wrong practice

1. Comb it excessive strength, you could run your hand through the hair weft, it just has 1-2 strands of hair loss, very minimal or no shedding.

2. Use conditioner on your hair to make it as smooth and soft as possible so that you can comb it easily and try to avoid tangling and shedding.

3. You should comb it when the hair becomes dry, otherwise, the hair will turn weak and terrible.

4. Install with glue, this may also lead to hair shedding.

b: Quality problem

Shedding may also cause for the quality of your hair you may don’t know, to be honest, the weft can be one layer instead of the double weft which can save money for some factories, the single layer is too weak and papery to lead to shedding, this is also why some products’ price is so low compare with others. So you would better be cautious to choose these products.

HOW TO Avoid Hair Or Minizine Shedding

Above are the reasons for shedding, do you understand? If your hair shedding always but you haven’t done the wrong action to your hair.

Don’t hesitate to abandon your hair and search for a better one, such as UNice hair, they are all premium virgin hair and have many styles and colors. UNice hair has gone through the test of National Hair products and Hair Care Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and has been proved to be 100% Virgin Human Hair without chemical, soft and smooth, bouncy, no shedding, can be dyed and bleached.


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