Nowadays, more and more suppliers or wholesalers of human hair extensions are pouring into our life. Sometimes we don't realize which company can supply high-quality hair products.

what's the difference remy vs non-remy hair

Every supplier even claims their products are top on the internet, but only if you order human hair extensions products, will you know exactly quality of hair products, right?

How to distinguish the remy and the non-remy hair?And what is the difference between them?

Most people are confused about the two types of hair extensions — remy hair and virgin hair.Actually, they have many differences which affect the quality and value of the hair.Keep reading, this article may be helpful to you!



Chapter 1:About Remy Hair


Firstly, we will see what remy hair is.

◆ Remy hair actually describe the quality of hair used to make up the particular extension. This hair is of the highest quality and comes from a single donor, which ensures consistency in texture.

◆ Also, the hair cuticles are intact, in one direction and consists of cuts which are the same length. This provides a smooth texture and allows the hair to last longer and style more naturally.Please read blow article explaining what remy hair is.

What is remy hair

what is remy hair


Remy hair: no shedding, no tangle, silk, soft and lustrous

◆ Remy hair weave is collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew, top at top, and ends at ends, to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction.

◆ It is easy for you to comb (although with your finger), special after washing it. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low quality hair.

Chapter 2:About Virgin Hair


Virgin remy hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed, and intact.

◆ As for virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any way. This also means it comes from a single donor, and all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction.

virgin hair


Virgin hair: not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any way.

◆ Virgin hair can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance,and you have to care for your extensions just like your own natural hair.

◆ If you maintain your brazilian virgin hair extensions properly, you will have sleek, smooth, tangle free beautiful natural looking hair for a very long time and will be able the reuse the hair many times after.

Please read blow article explaining what Virgin hair is What is virgin hair.

Chapter 3:About Non Remy Hair


Do you wonder why non-remy hair is so much more inexpensive then remy hair?

what is non-remy hair


◆ Non-remy hair is collected from the floor of temples, salons and random suppliers. With this type of collection method, cuticle directions become mixed, causing inevitable shedding, tangling and matting problems.

◆ To cover up the problems that will arise with non-remy hair, the hair will go through a process sometimes referred to as an "acid bath", to completely remove the entire cuticle.

◆ This can be equivalent to about ten relaxers in a row. After the cuticle removal process, the hair is dipped in silicone to make it shine and to cover up any cuticles that were not removed in the acid bath.

◆ The silicone adds weight to the hair and ups the selling price as hair is sold by weight.The hair initially feel silky and soft, however, after few washes the silicone coating wears off and the hair feels very brittle and starts matting and tangling.

◆ Problems will arise with non-remy hair after a few washes and will not last beyond a few washes and cannot be reused. Also, since the cuticles are stripped and not intact, the hair extensions are unable to tolerate color treatment or heat.


Diferrence between Remy and Non Remy Hair

Chapter 4:Conclusion


Remy hair is generally more expensive. It is hair that is shaved off the donors head and bundled in such a manner that all the hair is kept in one direction. By doing so, the cuticles of the hair do not get roughed up as much and stay smooth.

Remy hair is not necessarily virgin hair, since it may be colored or permed. Its defining features are an intact cuticle and the manner in which it was harvested.

Non-remy has poor quality than remy hair bundles. Non-remy hair is the left over hair that in most cases is gathered from the floors of temples and salons then recycled to make a weft.

The hair cuticles are facing various directions, which causes the hair to tangle and matte quite easily.

Remy human hair extensions are the most popular human hair extension on the market due to the quality and price. Remy hair is a high quality hair that lasts up to a year and blends very well with your own hair.

♥ Non-remy hair is very popular and is readily available as well. This hair has both the roots and the tips mixed up so that all the hairs are not running in the same direction. Non-remy hair has undergone chemical processing.  

So after you know what Remy hair is and what is Non–Remy hair, I hope you can choose better virgin Remy hair extensions.

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