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Everything You Need To Know About Silk Press

Last updated Jun 30, 2024

When it comes to hair straightening methods for curly and natural hair types, you tend to think of flat irons. But did you know there is a new method – the silk press? It turns even the curliest natural mane smooth and flawless. Are you intrigued by the silk press? Do you want to know about the silk press? Then you've come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce everything about the silk press to you.

What Is Silk Press?


As a special temporary hair straightening technique, the silk press refers to straightening hair without using any chemical products, leaving hair looking smooth and supple. It's a new improvised version of the press and curls technique, perfect for natural afro-textured hair. This technique is all about applying the proper tool and the right product at the right temperature.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Silk Press?

Would you like to know what the benefits and drawbacks of the silk press are? Now here are a variety of benefits and drawbacks of it. Let's take a look separately. Additionally, if you want to know the specific steps of the silk press, you can click: Silk Press 101: What Is A Silk Press And Everything Else

The benefits of the silk press

First, let's take a look at the advantages of the silk press.

1. No chemical damage

Silk pressing does not use any chemicals or relaxants. It uses only natural oils, deep conditioners, and conditioners to smooth your hair, giving you the smooth straight hair you want while protecting your hair from harmful straightening chemicals and irreversible damage.

2. Healthier hair


Split ends and damaged hair can easily be hidden beneath tight curls and coils. However, they become particularly visible when you straighten your hair and you can then trim the split ends, which maintains healthy hair and provides room for hair growth.

3. New look


As much as you love your curls, it's natural to crave new hairstyles every once in a while in order to follow trends. Screen printers allow you to get perfectly smooth straight hair without the use of chemicals. Also, it is not as time-consuming as permanent straightening and you can use it as a trial period before permanently straightening your hair.

4. Low maintenance

Compared with other methods of straightening hair, the silk press does not require complicated and rigorous care procedures. The only major maintenance you need to do is to avoid water, as the hair will return to its original shape when exposed to water. Also, you can wrap your hair with silk cloth before going to bed, which will help straight hair last longer.

5. Easy to style

Because natural curls are difficult to control, styling natural hair can be complicated and time-consuming. Curls for type 4 hair can be difficult to achieve some of your desired looks and maintain for longer. A silk press can help you get out of all of these problems and permit you to easily switch curly hair to straight, or even tie it into a sleek ponytail.

The drawbacks of silk press

After understanding the advantages of the silk press, let's take a look at its disadvantages.

1. Heat damage


Just like every other heat-based hair treatment, if you use silk press continuously for long periods of time, it can cause severe heat damage to your hair. Although silk press has no chemicals to alter your hair, the heat generated when using hot tools can weaken your hair keratin, making your hair extremely dry and prone to damage.

2. Oil build-up


When your hair is frizzy, the oils your scalp produces may not flow all the way to the hair shaft. Once you've silk-pressed your hair, your temporary straightening will allow sebum to run directly down each strand, making it look very greasy. Because you can't wash your hair during the silk press, this can increase the buildup of oil.

How Often Should You Do A Silk Press?

For people with particularly curly hair or who don't like frizz, having silky hair is important, but so is healthy hair. Therefore, it is best for you to do a silk press every 3 to 4 months, because too frequent silk press will cause certain damage to the hair, such as split ends, damage, etc.

How Much Should A Silk Press Cost?

You may have to pay anywhere from $50 to $200. Since each person chooses a different salon and stylist, each person will spend a different amount. Also, some stylists will even add extra fees depending on the length and condition of your hair when you enter the salon.

How Long Does A Silk Press Last?

How long a silk press last depends on how you take care of your hair and scalp. Ideally, the silk press can last about 2-3 weeks. However, the exact timing may vary for each person, as each person's aftercare may be diverse.

How To Make Your Silk Press Last Longer?

Would you like to make your silk press last longer? Now we will provide a number of tips for you, please read them carefully.

1. Wrap your hair


Be sure to pack your new silk press before going to bed. Because we may toss and turn while we sleep, which can rub your hair and ruin your silk press, eventually causing frizz or tangles. Therefore, it is best to wrap your hair while you sleep.

2. Avoid moisture

Avoiding moisture plays an important role in making your silk press last longer. Because lots of moisture will restore your hair to its natural state. So you need to avoid excessive hydration, such as long hot showers and going to the sauna.

3. Go to a professional


While it may be more cost-effective to try silk press at home, in the long run, you will benefit from finding a professional. Because having the right tools and products is critical when it comes to getting the desired results and making them last. Additionally, seeking out a professional can prevent over-straightening and minimize heat damage to your hair.

4. Keep away from over-touching your hair

When your hair is straight, you may feel like your hair looks great and be tempted to run your fingers through your hair, but try not to touch your hair too often. Because constantly touching your hair can result in frizz and will reduce the time your straight hair will last.


After reading this article, you must have a good understanding of all aspects of the silk press. Can’t wait to try silk press? Now hurry up and have a try.

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