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What Is Hair Webbing And How To Deal With It?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When it comes to hair problems, you have probably experienced some of them at one time or another, such as tangles, split ends, breakage, etc. But have you ever heard of hair webbing? Hair webbing is also a common hair condition that often happens to people who have naturally curly hair. If you want to know more about hair webbing, then you're in luck. In this article, we will tell you what hair webbing is and how to get rid of it, so please read carefully.

What Is Hair Webbing?


Hair webbing is caused when the hair does not have enough moisture to flatten the hair cuticle, which results in single hairs starting to attach (hair sticking together) and tangling with each other, resembling a spider web. Most people with naturally curly hair have experienced hair webbing problems, and for some, it can be a recurring problem.

Webbing most often affects people with finer hair strands because the cuticle of fine hair is most susceptible to dryness and damage. If you are suffering from hair webbing fine hair, then you need to take good care of it.

What Causes Hair Webbing?

Do you want to know what are the causes of hair webbing? Now, here are a number of reasons for hair webbing, let's take a look at them one by one.

1. Hair Dryness


Dry hair is one of the major causes of hair weave. Frequent use of heat styling tools on our hair, frequent coloring or chemical treatment of our hair, UV rays from the sun, etc. can cause loss of moisture in our hair and make our hair dry. Over time, our hair cuticles get damaged and bulge, after which they get tangled with each other and you end up with hair webs on your hair.

2. Product buildup


For the sake of combing your hair better or keeping it styled, you may use sticky or gooey hair care or styling products frequently. But when you regularly apply such products to your hair and don't rinse thoroughly, they not only produce buildup on your scalp, making your hair look extra messy, but over time, they result in " webbing" of your hair.

3. Hair tangles


Hair tangles are also one of the causes of hair webbing. When the hair is chemically or physically damaged, the outer cells of the hair are also susceptible to damage. And these damaged cells can hook up with each other, thus tangling the hair with each other and causing it to tangle.

In addition, problems such as using unsuitable shampoos when shampooing, roughly rubbing and scratching your hair with your hands, rubbing your hair too hard with a wet towel, and blowing your hair dryer for too long easily tend to make your hair tangle. If you do not deal with these tangles in time, your hair will become a hair webbing over time.

How To Deal With Hair Webbing?

After understanding what causes hair webbing, would you like to know how to deal with hair webbing? Webbing is a common hair condition that many people with naturally curly hair experience at some point in their lives, and for a significant portion of these curly-haired people, hair webbing curly hair is difficult to get rid of. Now, here are a number of approaches that can assist you in getting rid of hair webbing, so let's have a look.

1. Deep conditioning for hair


There are many reasons for hair weaves, but the main one is that the hair is too dry (losing too much moisture). One way to restore moisture to the hair is to give it a deep treatment. Deep conditioning restores dry, damaged hair by rebuilding its molecular layer and replenishing moisture, thus freeing it from hair tangles and making it thicker, softer, and more vibrant.

If you are interested in this method, you can wash your hair first, then apply the conditioner you have chosen for your hair evenly and wait for about 30 minutes, and finally, rinse your hair with cold water.

2. Deeply Clean your hair regularly


Preventing hair buildup is essential if you want to avoid hair webbing. And the most effective way to get rid of product buildup is to give your hair a regular deep clean. If you notice buildup at the roots of your hair, you can use a clarifying shampoo on your scalp and hair to keep your hair clean and avoid hair dirtying and webbing. In addition, you can also use scalp exfoliating products to give your hair a deep cleanse to get rid of scalp buildup and stop producing hair webbing.

3. Limit heat styling


Heat styling is known to damage your hair cuticles, causing them to wear down and become brittle, which dries out the hair and can eventually cause hair weaves. If you don't want hair webbing, then you need to avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible and try some hairstyles that don't involve heating your hair. If you really can't avoid using heat styling tools, then you can turn down the temperature of the heating tools or use a heat protectant every time to avoid hair webbing caused by dry hair.

4. Trim hair regularly


Trimming your hair regularly is also one of the ways to avoid hair webbing. Long hair is very difficult to manage for most people as it is prone to tangles and split ends which can lead to webbing if they are not dealt with. Therefore, if you don’t want your hair to become the web, then the best thing to do is to trim your hair regularly, which will not only help you avoid tangles but also help your hair grow healthily. You can trim your hair once every three months, but if you perm and dye your hair often, you need to trim it more often.

5. Do a protective hairstyle


If you feel that your hair is unmanageable and often becomes the web, then the best way to avoid these occurrences is to have a protective hairstyle. Protective braids reduce breakage and help lock in moisture to keep your hair moisturized. More importantly, it's low maintenance and doesn't require you to spend much time caring for it. But you need to be aware that you can't have a protective style all the time, you need to give your hair a break every once in a while and let it air out.


After reading this passage, you must have a good idea of what hair webbing is and how to get rid of it. If you would like to try these methods, you can have a try now. Moreover, you can share them with us in the comment section if you have other methods to deal with hair webbing.

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