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Hair Contouring: Adding Dimension and Flair to Your Hairstyle

Last updated Jun 25, 2024

Have you ever noticed how some people have hair that looks dimension and full of life? The reason behind their beautiful hair is a technique called "hair contouring. " Similar to makeup contouring, hair contouring highlights your facial features by using color placement and layering techniques. This article will explore the world of hair contouring, including what it is, why it's highly sought after by fashion-forward individuals, and more.

What Is Hair Contouring?

hair contouring

Hair contouring is a hairstyling technique that entails strategically positioning different shades of hair color to enhance and frame the face, similar to makeup contouring. The aim is to create the illusion of a more balanced and attractive face shape by using various color shades to highlight and shadow specific areas of the hair.

Hair contouring can be tailored to your individual face shape and preferences, resulting in a hairstyle that accentuates your natural features and provides a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Why Hair Contouring Is Especially Well-Liked?

After knowing what hair contouring is, are you wondering why it is so popular? Next, we will tell you some benefits of hair contouring:

Enhanced Facial Features

enhanced facial features

Hair contouring is a great way to highlight your best features. The lighter shades will draw attention to certain parts of your face, like your chin or jaw, while darker tones make a shadow effect, improving the overall look.

Personalized Look

personalized look

Hair contouring is different from one-size-fits-all hairstyling because it's tailored to your individual style. This means that the end result will look great on your face and make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Low-Maintenance Styling

Due to its well-positioned color placement, the hair contouring process doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The colors blend together as your hair grows out, so you don't need to do touch-ups as often.

Will Hair Contouring Suit You?

Definitely! Hair contouring is a 100% custom-made coloring solution that is specially tailored to your individual facial contours, contours, and skin tones. The colors are chosen based on your skin color and positioned according to your features and structure.

Will Hair Contouring Damage My Hair?

beautiful hair contouring

Hair contouring shouldn't inherently harm your hair if it's done by a professional and professional stylist using top-notch products. However, any hair coloring process (including hair contouring) can damage your hair if it isn’t done correctly or if you don't care for your hair afterward.

To minimize damage, it’s recommended to consult with a professional hairstylist before having your hair contoured. They can evaluate your hair’s condition, discuss your desired results, and provide suggestions based on your individual circumstances.

How To Achieve Hair Contouring?

Next, we will tell you how to achieve hair contouring. If you are looking for a way to create hair contouring, keep reading.

Step 1: Consultation

Firstly, consult with a professional hair colorist to determine the best contouring technique for your face shape, features, and hair color.

Step 2: Face Shape Analysis

Similar to makeup contouring, hair contouring is tailored to your face shape. Different face shapes need different placements of highlights and lowlights to achieve the desired effect.

Step 3: Choosing Colors

The colorist will help you choose shades that complement your natural hair color and skin tone. They'll select a lighter shade for highlights and a slightly darker shade for lowlights.

Step 4: Application

Highlights are typically applied to the contours of the face and the top layers of the hair while lowlights are strategically positioned in deeper parts of the hair to create depth, volume, and an illusion of a more even facial contour.

Step 5: Blending

In order to achieve a natural look, the colors need to be blended properly. Your colorist will use different balayage techniques, foiling techniques, and babylights to blend the colors into your hair.

Step 6: Maintenance

Like any hair color, hair contouring needs upkeep. As your hair grows out, you may need to have a touch-up every 6 to 8 weeks. Color-safe shampoo and conditioner formulas can help keep your colors vibrant.

How to Choose Hair Contouring For Different Face Shapes?

Are you looking for a hair contouring that suits your face shape? Then you have come to the right place. Next, we'll tell you how to choose the right hair contouring for your face shape.

hair contouring for different face shape

Round/Square Face

If you have a round or square face and want to elongate its appearance, your colorist may use a free-hand technique to lighten the top of your hair and the ends. To create shadow and depth, they may use a darker shade at the sides of your face. This technique will make your face appear slimmer and more contoured due to the lightness at the top of your head and shading around the sides.

Diamond/Oblong/Rectangular Face

In order to extend the facial features of the diamond/long/rectangular facial shape, the colorist will maintain the dark roots and the undertones of the hair to produce a shadow at the apex of the head and along the jawline. One highlight will be applied around the face to frame it, and lighter pieces will be woven before the ears using an ombre technique to make the elongated facial shape appear more oval.

Heart/Triangular Face

If you want to make your chin appear less angular without making your forehead look wider, your colorist may use a technique called ombre or sombre. They will apply a darker color to the top of your head and crown areas, while adding lighter pieces throughout the mid-lengths and ends to create a lighter effect under your jawline. Additionally, they will lighten the hair around your hairline to enhance your facial features.


With hair contouring, you can take your hairstyle to the next level and make your facial features look even more beautiful. Strategic placement of color shades can help create a personalized look that perfectly complements your features. Whether you choose to see a professional colorist or try it yourself at home, hair contouring is a great way to add depth and style to your daily look.

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