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What Is Double Cleansing For Your Hair?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Looking for a simple, uncomplicated, yet productive approach to promote healthy hair? Washing your hair is known to remove excess dirt, residue, and product build-up and to better nourish your hair. Then have you heard of double cleansing your hair? It's a particularly popular way to encourage healthy hair right now. Are you intrigued by it? Want to have a good understanding of it? In this blog, we will tell you everything about double cleansing for your hair.

1. What Is Double Cleansing?


As the name suggests, double cleansing is the procedure of shampooing your hair twice during your hair care routine. It is also regarded as a double shampoo. The first cleanse will assist you to remove the product and the second wash will permeate deeper for the actual cleansing, which can be done using the same or a different shampoo.

2. Is Double Cleansing Right For Everyone?

Double cleansing works for everyone, especially if you wash your hair at intervals. While there is no specific hair type that requires double cleansing, if your hair falls into the following categories: dandruff and low porosity hair, you should strongly consider incorporating this method into your hair care routine.

3. How Often Should You Do Double Cleansing For Hair?

Theoretically, you should wash your hair as little as possible, as the more you wash your hair, the more damage it may cause to your hair. But this is only theoretical, not all of it. Those who have especially greasy hair and use an assortment of styling products should do double cleansing more frequently than those with drier hair. Once or twice a week is the best option, but it's more important to find the right balance for you.

4. Will Double Cleansing Dry Out Your Scalp And Hair?

In order to maintain healthy hair growth, it is important to double cleanse your hair in moderation. If you double cleanse your hair correctly and effectively, your scalp or hair will not dry out. Some people may say that double cleaning your hair too often can make your hair lose its natural oils, leaving your hair dehydrated and dry.

However, you need to keep in mind that you can use conditioners, along with other hair care products, to restore moisture to your hair and make it look soft and smooth.

5. Why Should You Be Double Cleansing Your Hair?


Would you like to know why you ought to be double cleansing your hair? Now here are a variety of benefits of double cleansing your hair, you can find the answer in them.

5.1 Remove excess product build-up


We often use a lot of hair care products to make our hair look soft and smooth, in addition to applying some hairspray or up-styling products to make our style look stylish and nice. But sometimes these things don't clean up particularly well and can form a build-up on our scalp and hair.

Therefore, double-cleaning the hair will cleanse them and remove excess product build-up, as the first wash loosens the products' film, and the second can lift it off and cleanse the scalp.

5.2 Take out excess oil from the scalp


If you feel that your hair is particularly greasy at the roots and dry and brittle at the ends, this usually indicates that the natural oils from your scalp are having difficulty reaching the ends of your hair. This can very easily happen especially if you have very thick or very curly hair. Consequently, double cleansing helps to take out the oil build-up near the scalp, keeping it healthy and promoting hair growth.

5.3 Increased time between washes

Do you have to wash your hair once a day or it will become very oily? For the sake of preventing this situation from happening, you can try double cleansing. Double washing is a wonderful method of extending the time between washes. Double washing can contribute to grease control and minimize the need for more than 1-2 washes per week.

5.4 Get the benefits of multiple shampoos


As we all know, one shampoo may only target one hair problem. You can use two different products for a double cleansing as this can address multiple problems at the same time. For example, your first shampoo could be a clarifying shampoo for the scalp, while the second shampoo could be nourishing for the hair.

6. How To Properly Double Cleanse?

Ready to try this method of shampooing on your own? Here is the proper way to do it.

Step 1: Before washing your hair, prepare 1 or 2 bottles of sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate is a lathering surfactant that strips your hair whether you wash it once or twice. Therefore, choosing a sulfate-free shampoo is crucial.

Step 2: Wet hair completely with water, then apply shampoo, focusing on the roots, massage the product into the scalp for up to a minute, and rinse.


Tips: The first shampoo is best to choose one that can deeply cleanse the scalp. Because it takes out all the dirt, oil, and product buildup that builds up over the course of a week.

Step 3: After washing off the lather, apply a second shampoo to your hair, this time using about half the amount of shampoo from the first round. Then gently massage the scalp to maximize the effect, and rinse your hair again with lukewarm water.


Tips: The second shampoo is best to choose one that has a nourishing effect on the hair because it can keep the hair growing healthily.

Step 4: Apply a conditioner on the ends of your hair (avoid split ends, keep hair smooth and supple, and maintain healthy growth), wait for a few minutes, and rinse your hair with warm water.


Have you had a good understanding of everything about double cleansing? Can’t wait to have a try? Now you can start your double cleanse hair journey! After you try this method, you can share your feelings with us in the comment section, and if you want to know more about hair and the like, please pay more attention to our blog.

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