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Cellophane Hair Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Have you been struggling with frizzy and dull hair? Do you find it particularly difficult to keep your hair in tip-top condition? Even if you often apply heat protectants and avoid over-styling your hair, your hair still suffers, right? Do you want to keep your hair healthy and damage-free, but don't have time for costly and time-consuming hair treatments? Then you can try a cellophane hair treatment. Cellophane hair treatments are a way to give your strands a quick break. In today's article, we will tell you everything you need to know about cellophane hair treatment, so read carefully.

What Is Cellophane Hair Treatment?


Cellophane hair treatments, also called hair glossy treatments, are a way to make hair look softer and healthier through a chemical process. Compared to other hair treatments, this semi-permanent procedure does not use harsh chemicals, so it is extremely less damaging to your hair. More importantly, in addition to adding silky shine to your hair, it also provides subtle nourishment and volume to your hair.

Is Cellophane Hair Treatment Right For Everyone?

Of course! Cellophane hair treatment is suitable for everyone, especially those who would like to increase shine to dull, dry, or brittle hair. This treatment helps smooth frizz and comb hair while locking in moisture and preventing split ends.

How Long Does Cellophane Hair Treatment Last?

Since it is only a semi-permanent treatment, the cellophane hair treatment only lasts 6-8 weeks. If you want it to last longer, then you may need to wash your hair less often, apply only color-safe shampoos and conditioners and condition your hair regularly.

What Are The Benefits Of Cellophane Hair Treatment?

After learning what cellophane hair treatment is, are you wondering what benefits it has? Now, here are some of the benefits of cellophane hair treatment, let's take a look.

1. Add shine to hair


Cellophane hair treatment makes your hair stronger and shinier by locking in moisture levels and naturally adding shine to your hair while reducing the frequency of tangles and breakage. In addition, it reduces hair detangling and makes it easier to manage. Cellophane Hair Treatment is a perfect option if you feel like your hair is getting drier by the minute and want to add some color without damaging your hair.

2. Add thickness and strength to your hair


If you want to add thickness to your hair, then you can try cellophane hair treatment. It repairs damaged hair by locking in moisture at the roots and is able to treat every fiber of your hair in the process, thus improving the quality and appearance of your hair and adding strength to your hair, relieving hair fall problems, and making it naturally thick and beautiful.

3. Won't harm your hair shaft or scalp


One of the best benefits of cellophane hair treatment is that it will not damage your scalp and hair shaft as much as the usual dye treatments. As its whole process is carried out around your hair strands, it will not reach your scalp and shaft, so it can avoid damage to your scalp and hair shaft. In addition, it contains no harsh chemicals, which will leave your hair as healthy as it was before.

4. Time-saving

Compared to other common hair treatments, cellophane hair care is not only budget-friendly but also time-saving. If you choose to have your treatment done in a salon, you don't have to wait half a day or a whole day in the salon. In addition to the process of applying cellophane to your hair, you simply leave the cellophane on for about 30 minutes, then remove it and rinse it out thoroughly. Of course, you can also perform your cellophane hair treatment at home.

5. Prevent environmental damage

Preventing hair from being damaged by dirt and pollution is another benefit of cellophane hair treatments. Dirt and pollution are known to damage hair. Cellophane hair treatments help you seal the cuticle, which provides a protective barrier that protects your hair from environmental damage, keeping your hair looking naturally healthy for a long time.

How To Do Cellophane Hair Treatment At Home?


After knowing the benefits of cellophane hair treatment, are you especially interested in knowing how to do cellophane hair care at home? Now, here are some cellophane hair care steps that you can follow to give your hair a treatment.

You Need To Prepare:



Disposable shower cap

Tint brush and bowl

Latex gloves

How To Do:

Step 1

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo (no conditioner needed), then blow-dry your hair until it is about 75% dry.

Step 2

Using a comb, divide the washed hair into four equal parts and clamp each part together. And wearing gloves, comb one part of the hair backward.

Step 3

Using a hair coloring brush, gently apply cellophane to the hair and then apply the product you want to use evenly to the hair. Tip: Before starting this step, remember to apply Vaseline to the hairline to protect your forehead and ears from irritation.

Step 4

Repeat these steps for the other three sections of hair.

Step 5

Wrap all hair with a disposable shower cap and sit under a steamer to heat the hair for 20-30 minutes so that the product can be better absorbed.

Step 6

Once the heating is complete, let the product sit until your hair is completely cool.

Step 7

Remove the cellophane and wash your hair with mild shampoo. Remember to use conditioner on your hair to avoid frizz.


After reading this article, you must have a good understanding of cellophane hair care. You can follow the steps above if you want to give it a try. But there is one important thing to remind you that some cellophane contains parabens, which is a preservative that preserves products effectively and is commonly used in cosmetics, medicines, and food. However, it may cause dryness in our hair as well as irritate our scalp, etc. Therefore, choose some cellophane products that do not contain parabens whenever possible.

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