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3A Hair: What Is It And How To Care For It?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Curly hair comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, so it's important to customize your care routine and style to your curl pattern. In this article, we will meet all your wonders about 3a hair, discuss in detail everything about 3a hair, and show you how to care for and style 3a hair as well. Keep reading to learn more useful information.

What Is Hair Type?

curly hair type chart

Hair type refer to the natural texture and pattern of an individual's hair. The most commonly used hair type classification system is the Andre Walker hair typing system. Created by Oprah Winfrey's hairstylist Andre Walker, the system consists of a series of numbers and letters used to describe various hair textures.

Each category begins with a number that represents the shape of your strands. Type 1 is straight, type 2 is wavy, type 3 is curly, and type 4 is kinky or coily. The second half of the system is the letter a, b, or c, representing the width of the curl.

What Is 3A Hair?

3a type hair

3a hair is a type of curly hair that is part of the hair classification system, usually defined as loose, shiny, and defined curls about the size of sidewalk chalk in diameter.

People with 3a hair typically have larger and more loosely coiled curls than people with 3b or 3c hair. The curls in 3a hair have a definite "S" shape and are typically described as shiny and soft. In addition, 3a hair is usually medium-dense and may have a variety of textures from fine to coarse.

How To Distinguish Type 2C And Type 3A Hair?

Many people think that type 2c hair is very similar to type 3a hair and often confuse them. But in fact, they are very different. Type 2c hair has a defined S-shaped pattern. Curls are defined and not tightly coiled like Type 3A curls. Type 3A is characterized by tighter curls forming loosely hanging curls. They are looped, bouncy curls.

How To Care For 3A Hair?

The 3A curl is the first of the 3 curl patterns and the loosest spiral of them all. Although 3a hair can sometimes be very dry, even breakage, etc., you can have healthy, defined, shiny spiral curls if you take the proper care and measures. Here's a detailed guide on how to care for 3a hair.

1. Use sulfate-free shampoo

sulfate-free shampoo

For 3a hair, since it is curly, it is difficult for the natural oils produced by the hair to reach the ends, leading to extra dry hair. Shampoos that contain sulfates can make 3a hair even drier because they excessively remove the natural oils from the hair.

So avoiding overly drying products such as sulfate-containing shampoos will help keep your curls in the best shape possible. Additionally, To maintain healthy hair and scalp and avoid product buildup, you can wash 3a curls with shampoo once or twice a week.

2. Don't skip conditioning

conditioning 3a hair

Ultimately, 3a hair looks dry because it lacks moisture. Therefore, we need to moisturize and hydrate the hair. Use a conditioner specially formulated for curly hair to help moisturize and comb through curls.

After shampooing, apply the conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair and comb through the curls with a wide-tooth comb. Rinse hair thoroughly with cold water to seal the cuticle and enhance shine. Alternatively, you can use a deep conditioner once a week to provide additional moisture and nutrients.

3. Invest in an anti-tangle brush

anti-tangle brush

When 3a hair lacks moisture, especially dry and frizzy, tangles often occur, and the hair will be difficult to comb. Using a regular comb can make the situation worse, so investing in an anti-tangle brush is necessary. The anti-tangle brush has special interlaced bristles that gently detangle tangled hair without breaking it. They come in many different styles, so you can try on a few and find the one that suits you best.

4. Air dry your 3a hair

As you know, 3a hair has the disadvantage of being dry and frizzy, so when you wash your hair, let it air dry as much as possible and it will reduce frizz. But if you don't like wet hair, then you can use a hair dryer to dry it, but make sure to add a diffuser to the hair dryer. More importantly, keep your hair dryer on the lowest setting as high heat can damage your hair, leaving it drier and frizzier.

5. Get regular trims

trim 3a hair

Maintaining healthy 3a hair necessitates regular trimming. Trimming eliminates split ends and prevents their progression down the hair shaft. Additionally, it maintains a consistent hair texture by removing damaged or uneven strands, resulting in smoother and healthier hair. Therefore, it is recommended that you trim your hair every 6-8 weeks.

How To Style 3A Hair?

We just learned how to take care of 3a hair, next, let's look at how to style 3a hair together.

1. Space buns

3a hair space buns

Space buns are a great hairstyle for 3a hair because they are convenient, versatile, and showcase the natural texture and volume of the hair. Plus, it can make you look extra young and playful.

2. Loose, low, curly ponytail

loose, low, curly ponytail

The ponytail is classic and trendy and never goes out of style. Whether it's 3a hair or any other hair of type, you can't go wrong with a ponytail. Tie your curls back into a loose, low ponytail for an effortless look. If you want to make the hairstyle a little more unique, add some accessories.

3. Free curls

free curls 3a hair

If you want to show off the natural texture of 3a hair, then free curls will be your favorite. Style your hair with your favorite products and embrace the natural voluminous texture of your hair. Trust me! You'll grab everyone's attention!


After reading this article, do you have a deeper understanding of 3a-type hair? If you are 3a hair, then try these care methods and tips. If you have other ways to care for 3c hair, you are welcome to share them with us in the comment area.

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