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Weft Hair Extensions 101: Beginners Guide and Some Recommendations

Last updated Jun 23, 2024

What are weft hair extensions? Hair extensions are now a daily requirement for many people who appreciate fashion and beauty, and the market for wigs and weaved hair is flourishing. The various kinds of hair extensions, such as clip-in, tape-in, i-tip, and hair extension wefts, might be overwhelming for beginners. To assist you in understanding and helping you make your decision, I will introduce you to the world of volume weft hair extensions today.

weft hair extensions

What Is a Hair Extension Weft?

Weft hair extensions are often used and are made by sewing individual hair strands to fabric strips. Hair extension wefts are available in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures, much like other types of hair extensions. Wefts are a form of hair extension that may be sewn onto your natural hair to add thickness, length, and volume. Usually composed of fabric or lace. To view more gorgeous sew in weft hair extensions, click this link.

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How Much Are Weft Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions weft cost between $50 and $200. Numerous variables, including hair kind, length, and quantity of packs, influence this. For those on a lower budget, synthetic hair extensions are the go-to option, and their prices range from $10 to $60 per bundle. But their durability and styling capabilities may not be as good relatively speaking.

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The cost of weft hair extension installation must also be taken into account. While some salons bill by the hour or by the line extension, others may charge a fixed cost for their services. The best way to receive an accurate price based on your unique needs is to speak with your hairstylist or salon.

Pick Your Stylish Double Weft Hair Extensions Here

UNice's sew in weft hair extensions have been loved by customers and are constantly updated. There are now a variety of popular colors and hair textures to choose from. UNice has the perfect solution, whether you want to alter the color, length, or volume. These 100% human hair extensions are reasonably priced, come in a long service life, are easily styled, and don't easily fall out.


N***** 2024/04/20

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D***** 2024/04/09

I received this hair in a reasonable time frame. It is very soft and is true to length. I ordered an 18,20,22 inch.

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I adore Unice hair and their gifts! I've been a loyal customer for years. Their hair is consistently soft, beautiful, and doesn't shed.

How Long Do Weft Hair Extensions Last?

Since invisible weft hair extensions are often sewn in place, they last longer than other forms of hair extensions. The average lifespan of beaded weft hair extensions is 2 to 3 months, though this can change based on the rate at which the hair grows, how well the extensions are maintained, etc. Weft hair extension installation requires the use of hair-weaving needles, which makes it a lengthy process that tests the skills of the hairdresser.

How to Take Care of Weft Hair Extensions?

The price of installing a weft hair extension is relatively high, so how can we get longer-lasting beautiful hair? We have summarized the advice of hairdressing experts and given the following suggestions.

Clean Carefully

Similar to our own hair, hair weft extensions can be washed, but caution must be used to prevent rubbing and twisting the extensions since this can lead to tangles.

Comb Gently

Comb through your extensions with a brush made specifically for hair weft extensions or a wide-tooth comb. To prevent tugging on the extensions, begin at the ends of your hair and work your way gently up.

Avoid Heat Damage

If you choose human hair extensions, you can use heat styling tools. However, maintain your hair extensions by spraying them with heat protection spray beforehand.

Regular Maintenance

Wefts hair extensions have a 6–8 week lifespan if properly cared for. During this time, please contact your hairstylist for maintenance if your beaded weft hair extensions get loose.

Do Weft Extensions Damage Your Hair?

No. Although weft extensions can cause damage if not properly maintained, many people can successfully wear them with professional installation. In your daily life, be careful not to pull on your wefted hair extensions and avoid tangles so you can style them like your own real hair.

How to Remove Weft Hair Extensions?

Below is a guiding video. If you want to remove your sew in weft hair extensions at home, you can refer to the tools used in the video and ask your friends or family to help you. Tools needed include rat tail comb, duckbill clips, and small pliers (if you have micro bead weft hair extensions).

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At UNice Hair, we are passionate about providing high-quality hair products to help you achieve beautiful hairstyles that save time and effort.

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