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Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Are you guilty of overusing hot tools to curl your hair? While using a curling iron or flat iron to give your hair some texture, tame those stubborn flyaways, and quell that unruly frizz may seem like an easy fix, it can do more harm than good to your hair in the long run. Whether you're looking to straighten your hair or enhance your natural curls, hot appliances aren't a necessity as you can get tight, trendy curls and big soft waves without a curling iron or straightener—no heat curls! Let's keep reading together!

What Are The Benefits Of Curling Without Heat?


Many people think that heatless curls aren't worth the trouble and don't look as styled as curls made with a curling iron or hot iron. That's partly true, they do take longer, but they're great for everyday use and not necessarily for formal occasions like an upcoming wedding or party.

1. Good for your hair

They only require water and are completely safe and healthy for your hair. They don't burn or damage the hair, but they work amazingly.

2. Various styles to choose


There are so many possibilities! You can achieve any hair thickness you need for any hairstyle and give yourself curls, tight curls, big bouncy curls, or beach waves. It's totally up to you!

Ways To Get Heatless Curls

1. Bathrobe tie curls


To create these bouncy heat-free curls, place the waistband of the robe over your head and center it so that it's even on both sides. Then, divide the hair into two sections and wrap each section of hair around the bathrobe tie in a circle, gathering more hair as you do so.

Repeat the process until done, then secure each side with a hair tie or clip. For best results, leave it on overnight and wake up with gorgeous curly locks.

2. Stockings curls

If you want smaller, tighter curls, use over-the-knee socks or stockings as a base. This method requires the same technique as robe curls and should be done with dry hair. You can prep your hair with a texture spray or hairspray for extra style and volume.


First, add a leave-in conditioner for texture and moisture. Then, divide your hair into sections and take turns wrapping your hair around a sock or a piece of fabric as you would with a curling iron. Wrapping strands of hair around socks can cause loose curls, so there are no pins or anything hard to disturb your night's sleep, which is all the rage these days.

3. French braids


This final hairstyle works best on 50-60% dry hair (if your hair is thick or difficult to dry quickly, wait until 70-80% dry). Then, divide your hair into two sections and make a French braid on each side. Starting at the top of one side, weave the French braid tightly on one side to the end. Thread the ends of the braids through the headband to give the ends a little curl.

Leave the braids overnight or wait for them to dry completely before removing the braids. When it's time to unpack your braids for styling, your curly hair is sure to stand out!

4. Use hair rollers


A well-known hairstylist says that using a curling iron is a good option for heat-free curls on straight hair. "When your hair is 80 percent dry, roll your hair into a curling iron and make sure they're secure so they don't fall apart while you sleep."

To use it, simply slide the provided styling hook through the cotton spiral and slide a section of hair into it. Be sure to pay attention to the shape of each "roller" to ensure your strands curl in the direction you want. For obvious reasons, you'd be better off not sleeping on these—leaving them on for a few hours is enough.

5. Use satin scarves


Similar to the previous trick with socks or bathrobe belts, you can use two satin scarves to create natural, heat-free curls. Use the same technique to gather hair and wrap it tightly around the scarf. Then, wrap the scarf into two loose bun-like buns, place them on the sides of your head, and leave overnight for best results.

6. Heatless curls with a headband

Headband curls give a softer look, more of the type of curls you would expect from a curling iron and straightener. They are loose spiral curls that are perfect for a picnic or a special day at work or school. I also think they are wavier than curls, but they still look great.


Start with slightly damp hair. Then put the headband on your forehead. Take a section in the front, then put your thumb and index finger under the strap, hook the string, and pull it under the headband.

Take the same strands and a little extra hair and repeat the same process. Wrap your hair around the headband and move it back and forth over your head. If you have long hair, wrap it around the headband a few times, secure the ends with clips, and go to bed. In the morning, loosen the strands and comb them into loose, flowing waves.

7. Use straw curls

If you're looking for tight, bouncy curls with lots of gorgeous volumes, these are the ones for you! Namely an unexpected tool—plastic straws, these are also possible!


Start with semi-dry hair and keep it moist by spraying it with water now and then. Take a strand of hair and wrap it around a straw (the thicker the better). If you want thicker curls, wrap more hair around the straw. When you're done, bend the straw and secure it with a rubber band or bobby pin. Repeat this process, alternating winding directions, until all hair is curled.

Leave the straw inside until the hair is 100% dry. It's perfectly fine to sleep on a straw, but be sure to wrap your hair in a towel first. Remove the straw and part of the hair. You'll be amazed to see perfectly bouncing spiral curls!

8. Paper towel curls

They are super easy and they work equally well on thick or thin hair. If you have thick hair then these curls are for you. Tissue curls usually come in the form of tighter curls that look stunning, half-tied up, or rolled into a bun.


Start by tearing off a large amount of tissue paper (about twice the length of your hair) and fold it horizontally so that it's about an inch thick. Then, divide your hair into four sections, braid it with paper towels, and secure it with a hair elastic at the bottom.

Repeat this for each section so that all the hair is braided around the tissue. Finally, wrap a scarf or towel around the outside of your hair, get some sleep and you'll get the loose waves you want!



As you can see, there are so many lovely ways to play with heat-free curls. You can choose to take a break to relax and try one of these tutorials for happier, healthier, and curly locks. So why not have a try?

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