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V Part Wig Install: Leave Out Or No Leave Out?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As we all know v part wig is such a hit recently, it's perfect for people who get tired of lace wigs, or glue, etc. Anyway, the best part of v part wig is that it's much simpler in wearing and less damaging to your scalp and hair.

If you are not sure about what exactly a v part wig is, please check our previous post: Everything About A V Part Wig.

What Are The Highlights Of V Part Wigs?

Very much like u-part wigs, but v-part wigs have a thinner part to allow you to wear the wigs with a small amount of leave out or no leave out at all.

The secret of wearing v-part wigs with or without leave out is that the wig constructions have a small part of the lace attached along the middle part. The lace is used to hide the hair tracks and give a natural look, in other words, it helps create a look that hair comes from your scalp. And the lace is already fixed on the wig cap, so there is no need to use glue to damage your hair or scalp.

Which Is Better? With Leave Out Or No Leave Out?

There are a lot of discussions around wearing a v part wig with or without leaving out. And here we list some convincing points about having or not having a leave-out.

V Part Wig Install Without Leave Out

V Part Wigs Without Leave Out


Friendly to people who suffer from hair breakage or dryness. Wearing v part wigs without leaving out can be a protective style to help your hair grow and stay away from heat tools or chemicals.


Need some skills when creating cornrows or installing to make the middle part look natural.

Watch the tutorials to get skilled:

The V Part Wig Used In This Video:


Take out brown and black eyeshadow, to fill in the part for a natural look. (very similar to using foundation or something to make lace color to be similar to your skin color when wearing lace wigs)

Lay the hair flat if you don't want to have a fuller hair look. Because much fuller hair sometimes looks unnatural and weird, especially with a curly unit. And to be honest, a fuller look is not suitable for everyone.

V Part Wig Install With Leave Out

V Part Wigs With Leave Out


The best part of installing the v part wigs with some leave out is that you can get a more natural look if you blend your natural hair well with the wigs.


You might need to apply heat on your natural hair to make your hair texture to be similar to the unit so that you can blend better with your unit.

More V-Part Wigs For Your Styling Creation:

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