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Untold TRUTH of UNice Hair Weaves You Wear

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

If you wear or stock 100% human hair extensions then a lot of work goes into making sure they are cleaned and styled properly. UNice prides itself, as one of the premier hair extensions brands in China, on making sure all its products are sourced ethically. At every stage of the process, as they work their way to the shelf, and ultimately your head, we take great care to every one of our Hair Extensions is treated delicately and safely.

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In general, it mainly includes the following steps:

1. Virgin human hair collection

2. Hair wash and dry at high temperature -to get rid of dirty

3. Hair arrangement and sorting-choose suitable length for products

4. Hair weaving-Double weft

5. Tangling and shedding test

6. Wash weft again and again

7. Style hair products(Brazilian body wave, Malaysian curly weave, Peruvian loose, Brazilian natural, straight wave...)

8. Hair brushing to remove split hair-Hair weft folded into bundles

9. Elastic circled and label created

10. Packing and checking

11. Out of the delivery

Now, we will share its process in detail to make you understand the steps that can be good for your health and it will also help you know how to care for and maintain your waving hair weaves’ style.

In the processing process, the first step is to use acid to wash, with high-temperature cooking, and then the same principle and pressure cooker stereotypes made cabinet volume, at least after 6 similar processes, there will be no harm to the body of any material residue.

The production process of Brazilian hair weave is as follows:

1. The first stage is the disinfectant and dyeing process. Acid treatment, which cut off the cuticle. After acid hair will not be knotted, and after acid hair is called mature hair.

2. Catalytic and neutralization, the catalytic role is to make the hair more easily fade, and is to achieve acid and alkali, and before are used in acidic syrup, with alkaline medicine and its neutralization.

3. Hair and shampoo, according to customer requirements with different colors, and hair on the excess fuel on the line washing. Once the hair is fully cleansed it is sorted into lengths and then bleached and colored to achieve the right shade.

hair process

4. Finishing hair: the different grades or the same grade of color hair (the same color number) in accordance with the provisions of the ratio of uniform participation, finishing process

5. Double-needle sewing: the hair will be neat according to a certain important measurement, through the triple-made the same weight and size of hair curtains, and the above thread and dirt combed clean.

6. High-temperature stereotypes: the color of the hair after the two-pin mechanism to make high-temperature stereotypes through a variety of curvatures.

7. Packaging, according to customer requirements, is the use of packaging materials for packaging, packaged directly into the finished product area, pending delivery.

UNice Hair production process is all very rigorous steps, no matter from materials to techniques require very high, so we can provide many best quality virgin human hairstyles, Brazilian curly hair, hair bundles with closure, hair extensions, wigs and so on, and the price is very reasonable, I believe you will be satisfied.

1. Body Wave HD Lace Closure Wig


2. UNice Beginner Friendly V Part Body Wave Wig


3. Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair Bundles


4. Honey Blonde Highlight Lace Front Wig


5. Brown Balayage Highlight Human Hair Weave 


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