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Last updated Sep 27, 2023

We spend countless hours gazing into our mirrors; painting on our fresh daytime makeup or shading and smudging our meticulous night-time eyes.Much of our beauty regimen involves crimping, curling or straightening our luscious locks, which can take a great deal of diligence and patience.In fact, many women suffer more difficulties on finding the best quality human hair for them.Here are some of their awful experience when they pick hair bundles on the market:

XX Hair Review

1.poor quality

This hair is not 100% Brazilian hair, it’s more like cheap pack hair from the beauty supply that has a "Brazilian feel".The hair is not soft and is very dry and the wave pattern is terrible. It’s pretty coarse and the ends are ridiculously thin. The hair was shedding as I was pulling it out the package. I ran my hand thru each bundle 3 times and got so much shedding each time.

2.feel uncomfortable

This is a real review from someone who really bought and used this hair.It's terrible. The hair lost a lot of its color when washed.Once the hair was sewed in it itched something terrible. I had to remove this hair after about a week, due to excessive itching.

awful hair

3.waste money

I got my hair bundles with closure a few days ago.... waiting and anxious to receive it ....when I receive my hair it was 100% synthetic.I was so upset.Please, people, do not buy this hair I read the reviews of some persons saying the hair is good. Nooooo please do not waste your money.The hair looks and feels like plastic doll baby hair...

There is more and more woman who care their beauty are upset for finding suitable human hair weave for themselves.Bad hair extensions are easy tangled, shedding and need more care, which not needs more time, but also more money.So find a right hair will make them excited to solve their problems on hair as much as possible.Here is a girl who is happy for she met UNice hair, let’s look her honest review.

UNice Hair Review

She said UNice saved her life, she is in love with the hair deeply.Unice hair makes her so beautiful charming loveliness genteel and sexy that helps her more confident and happy.She wants to share her good luck to more friends to find better quality hair.Besides, here is some honest review of UNice.


UNice , not only a seller who sell human hair but also your beauty specialist, It takes color really well and doesn't shed as much.The texture and quality of the hair are the best yet.Fast shipping. Super soft. Less than minimum shedding. Super thick bundles where didn't need a third. Customer service is good and shipping is fast.Any question about beauty and fashion,unice will give you some advice that can help you more beautiful.What are you waiting for?COME ON!

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