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UNice virgin remy peruvian hair care guide

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

ummer, though really a great time to be outdoors, is also a time to be extra caring towards your hair. Take care of your virgin peruvian hair in summer naturally is necessary because the high sunlight would damage your hair weave.It is important that you follow these hair care tips so your new hair extensions will last as long as possible.

Daily care


Style your hair with your fingers while it is wet.

Do not sleep when your hair is still wet.

Avoiding using styling products that contain alcohol, use alcohol-free products such as a mouse, gel, and alcohol-free hairspray in moderation.

Let your hair air dry, blow-dry more often will make your hair fragile and easily broken.

Do not use oily or greasy merchandise which might cause extreme tangling.

Tie your hair before going to bed which can prevent it get tangled during night.



Please be extra careful with blonde and other light colored hair to your human hair extensions. It is advisable NOT TO TINT, COLOR, PERM OR APPLY ANY EXTRA CHEMICAL TREATMENTS because the hair has already been chemically treated. They are more chemically processed than dark hair. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to any additional chemical treatments and we cannot be held responsible for the outcome.



You should always wear a cap to prevent prolong exposure to chlorine or salt water which causes the virgin remy hair bundles to tangle. Always wash the hair right away with shampoo and conditioner after swimming in both types of water. When going to the spa, the hair should be brushed out completely and should be wrapped in a cold wet towel.

lay up:


Many ladies have more than one human hair bundles to get different haircuts,maybe peruvian curly hair,maybe indian long hair and so on.When you don’t wear one of your hair bundles, you should lay up them carefully.Put it in the appropriative palce after clean it up and let it dry, or the hair weave would lose its bouncy and luster,what’s the most,it will affect your mode and beauty.Therefore,it’s vital for you to carefully care it.

Hair locks is very soft and weak on our head, it is easily to be hurt for minimal things by us. As soon as you give abundant protect to them,it must bring you amazing beauty and confidence. Do not hesitate to take action to care your favorite hair extensions.It’s quite necessary and wise for you.

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