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UNice Makes Charitable Donation To EBeauty Community

Last updated Feb 5, 2024

Here comes the good news! The charity event hosted by EBeauty community came to a successful conclusion. The event is held on November 5th in Buckeye, Arizona, and we are honored to be a part of it and contribute to women's fight against cancer.
This is our second cooperation with EBeauty. EBeauty is the only organization in the United States that operates a national wig exchange program, and they have been dedicated to supporting women undergoing cancer treatment for many years. We are grateful to be able to help strong patients regain their confidence through the EBeauty platform. Below are some heart-warming photos of the scene, let’s take a look.

unice with ebeauty

For women suffering from cancer, hair loss caused by chemotherapy often causes great distress in their lives and psychology. However, not everyone can afford the cost of purchasing human hair wigs. Therefore, EBeauty launched a free wig program. They accept donations of wigs from all over, renovate them and distribute them free of charge to women undergoing cancer treatment. We share the same attitude as EBeauty and hope to contribute our share to charity and use wigs to help women cope with the emotional and financial barriers caused by hair loss.

unice makes donation

At this event, we donated multiple human wigs to women suffering from cancer and sponsored $5,000 for EBeauty's charity event. In addition, we also prepared thoughtful gift bags for guests present. The atmosphere at the event was friendly, united, and compassionate. On that day, we all made our efforts with the same emotion. Below is a live video of this event.

In the end, we are very grateful to be able to participate in such a warm and powerful event! As a global wig retail store and salons with warmth and attitude, UNice Hair also hopes to use our strength to spread love and confidence. We will keep progressing in charity and look forward to our next cooperation with EBeauty.

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