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UNice hair:Whether good or bad

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When it come to UNice hair,there is always a heated discussion on it.More and more woman are concerned this problem.Whether it’s good or bad,it gets quite a lot of controversial.Some think UNice hair is the best affordable hair weave,some said it’s awful,some insist on UNice has the best bundles for real,some were scared to order hair...

Wether UNice hair good or bad,Let’s look at two video below first,they represent people’s opinion about UNice hair.

Some think it’s good is like this:


Have you tried UNice hair before? What is your experience with UNice hair? Let us explore the facts and myths together, how do we test our hair quality? Do we succeed finally?

All the Tests on UNice hair -THE TRUTH on YouTube

Let’s thinking about.when it comes to hair product, do you trust other customers or yourself?Sometimes,when it comes to bias, the customer is not always right.Related to many factors:quality,price,shipping,operation,different hair products,using methord,the degree of protection...As for human hair,it’s even so.Now i will share with you why they have so big different among them.


You see a lot of beautiful hair on sells’ websites and you select what you like and buy it without knowing the hair difference. Being aware of hair grade will assist you to decide which one is the most suitable for your market. For market, we can say: Low class market, Middle class market, and high class market.

In a world,there are 5a,6a,7a,8a and so on.Different grade effect its quality.Because it comes from various material:remy hair,non-remy hair,virgin hair,raw hair...The materials decide the hair weave’s quality.They will effect their soft、bouncy and luster.


Hair using contains a lot.Such as washing,combing,heat tools using,living habits...We all know that,too much wash and wrong comb both will lead to hair shedding serious.Heat tools using may make your human hair bundles get dry easily.All this small thing will make it shedding and tangle.While,if you know to wrack your human hair when you sleep at night,and your hair extensions will turn to good.


Hair is the crown of the human body. This is the beauty of a person's personality. Hair care is very important. It does not matter how gorgeous you are if you ignore your hair. Good hair care contains simple steps like brushing and combing, shampooing and drying, treating baldness, hair conditioning, dandruff, hair dyes, split ends and hair loss treatment and some other methods.

We can start hair care from home. With right care and interest you can bring back its vitality and glossy shine. However,if you neglet this steps,your hair will get awful as soon as possible.


Woman always be boring to their hairstyle and want to change their old haircut?They will try to perm or dye.Which they think It will make your hair look better and can reduce the need of styling your hair. But,you should know,whenever possible, avoid using hair drier, curling or flat irons. Heat exposure damages hair. Also, avoid frequent hair coloring. Chemicals in hair dye are strong and harmful for your hair. So how do you use and protect your bundles of hair decide the USAGE TIME of your hair products,no matter hair weave, bundles with closure,hair extensions and others.

When it comes to buy a product, there are several things you should keep in mind. It is advisable that you choose something according to what’s your need,how do you use, not according to how many features it has and what others said. Be sure never to let some extreme customers sway your judgement.

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