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Let UNice Burgundy Wig Make You More Charming

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As the most popular wig for fall and winter - a burgundy wig will even be popular among women as the hottest hair color for years to come. Are you tired of boring black hair and brown hair? Ever thought of changing your look by changing your hair color? Lucky for you, you are reading this article, UNice will guide you to find the best burgundy wig that will give you a new look and a makeup look that will match your burgundy hair in one fell swoop. Read on!

1. What color is burgundy hair?

2. Why burgundy wig is so popular?

3. What are the best burgundy wigs?

4. How to maintain a burgundy wig?

1. What color is burgundy hair?

Originally from the French wine estates, burgundy was a new color named after the people who saw the color of red wine at the time. It is a deep red color with small hints of purple, which looks like the color of wine swirling around in a tall glass. Since burgundy hair color is a mysterious and unique color, it has been used in hair coloring and has become popular among women in recent years.

2. Why burgundy wig is so popular?

We mentioned above that burgundy wig has become more and more popular in recent years, are you sure why it is so popular? To understand this phenomenon, please answer one question first - what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of burgundy color? Is it the red wine from the sun-drenched French wine estates under the influence of the Mediterranean climate? Or a gorgeous burgundy fishtail dress? No matter which one you think of, it is certain that burgundy hair color is associated with everything beautiful and always makes you feel happy. burgundy wig is such a lively and mature glamorous color, it is more able to bring you emotional value, and its beauty makes you feel good all day long, which is probably the reason why burgundy wig is so popular.

3. What are the best burgundy wigs?

UNice has a wide range of burgundy wigs to ensure quality while meeting the preferences and unique tastes of each woman as much as possible. Why not choose one from the following selection of wigs to make you more beautiful

3.1 UNice Dark Burgundy With Rose Red Highlights 13x4 Lace Front Loose Wave Wig

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This burgundy wig is special enough, and it's perfect for a woman with class! Burgundy is the main color with rose highlights, giving people the feeling of sitting on the front porch in the sunset, sitting on a cushioned chair, red roses planted next to you, with good red wine on the table, you are tasting the red wine when the wind blows the fragrance of red roses. This burgundy wig will let you have a beautiful experience of being there.

3.2 UNice 99J Straight Wig 13x4 Burgundy Lace Front Human Hair Wig

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If you like versatile looks and want a wig that can create many different hairstyles, this burgundy wig is a must-buy for you to take home. Pre-cut lace saves you a lot of time, and baby hair makes the wig look natural and realistic on your head. unice wigs are selected from 100% real hair, you can feel free to make a different look on the burgundy wigs, curly hair, high ponytail, or simple straight hair. What's more! This burgundy wig is currently on sale at an unprecedented discount of only $99! If you want to try burgundy hair, please don't miss it!

3.3 UNice Short Straight Ombre 99J Bob Wig 4x4 Lace Closure Wig 2 Tones 1b/99J Color

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The short burgundy wig is more on the younger side of women, they pursue trends and fashion, more close to the trendy culture. dark roots design, so that the wig into the latest popular elements, but also enough to highlight the characteristics of the trend. This burgundy wig is the best care and is easy to maintain, short hair will greatly reduce the time to care for the wig, and wear more time-saving.

3.4 UNice 99j Hair Color Curly Lace Part Real Hair Wig for Sale

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Jerry curly is the type of curly hair that most girls like because it can represent the characteristics of the nation, but also express the personality and show the unique charm belonging to dark-skinned girls. But it is not common to find wigs that combine Jerry curly and burgundy wigs, but this wig is so popular. One reason is that its perfect curls and burgundy color are almost perfect together, and another reason is that UNice's high-quality wigs give customers who choose them enough peace of mind. This wig is soft enough and can fit well with all kinds of head circumferences.

3.5 UNice 1B99J Burgundy Ombre Human Hair Straight New U Part Wig

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Finally, we recommend this U-part burgundy wig, which has a silky smooth texture and an opening at the top of the head that allows your scalp to breathe freely while also giving it a more natural look. Buy this wig now and get a 50% discount off the previous price!

4. How to maintain burgundy wig?

4.1 Use color conditioning shampoo

To keep the color of the burgundy wig forever shiny, you need to use a color-care shampoo and a conditioner to prevent it from fading. However, it is not recommended to wash the wig frequently, just wash it once after 6-8 times of wearing.

4.2 Reduce exposure

Minimize exposure of your burgundy hair to strong sunlight for long periods, as prolonged exposure to sunlight, will cause your burgundy hair to begin to oxidize and excessive UV radiation will cause your burgundy hair to turn orange or fade to red.

4.3 Try not to do heat styling

It is best not to perm and dye your burgundy lace wigs too often. Over-dyeing and perming can cause your burgundy lace wig to lose its hair follicles and be unable to deliver nutrients, thus becoming extra dry and difficult to repair.

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