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Unice Air Wig To Bring New Experience Of Healthy Wigs

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Unice launched the latest product - The air wig series, which aims to provide more comfortable and cost-effective wigs to the female, as well as to promote the concept of health first. So that females can maintain a healthy scalp and hair on the basis of better enjoying the right to love beauty, everyone can be true to themselves.

Wigs, for women, is not an unfamiliar word, and even though many women's lives are closely related to wigs, in the pursuit of the love of beauty people gradually produce all kinds of wigs and apply them in each of their own life scenes. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2022, health has become more and more of a concern in people's minds. The discussion of health issues arising from the wearing of wigs has also been widely concerned. 

In general, wearing a wig can provide the female public with the pursuit and enjoyment of beauty on the level of appearance, but also contains the understanding of the concept of fashion, but the wig brings scalp health problems that should not be underestimated.

●Scalp smothering breeds bacteria.

After wearing a wig, the scalp is wrapped in a wig, in the hotter season, the scalp will be too hot weather and secrete more oil. The oil will be because of the wig cap's impermeability and continue to cling to the scalp or hair and cause bacteria breeding, baldness, and other problems. For people with sensitive skin, such problems are particularly obvious, so people are often caught wearing a wig will cause an unhealthy scalp, without a wig it simply can not go out of the tangle.

●The hairline receding phenomenon is serious.

Choose a more breathable wig such as HD Lace this kind, to a certain extent, relieves the health problems brought about by the stuffy scalp, but at the same time also produced a new problem - the glue on the hairline damage. Lace-edged wigs require the use of glue or spray to fit the lace edge tightly on the scalp. And before fitting the lace edge, you also need to weave the native hair extra tight, glue and too tight weave can produce some damage to the hairline. After a long period of wearing wigs, problems such as receding hairlines are endless.

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"Let the scalp get breath, everyone does the most real self" - after more than ten years of deep understanding of the wig industry and deep analysis of user problems, Unice launched the latest air wig series products. Advocating a healthier and more natural wig installation method, allowing the scalp to breathe freely and the wig to help the growth of native hair. More breathable, simpler, and stronger become the core theme of Unice's air wig series.


no overthrow no innovation, air wig changes the traditional wig cap using the whole lace or mechanism cap as the characteristics of the hair cap, take the hollow hair cap, strip elastic mesh hair cap to ensure overall comfort at the same time greatly liberated the scalp, let the scalp and hair to get free breathing. The skeleton hair cap on this basis, more added flexibility. The mesh hair cap makes it relatively easy to adjust and adapt to different positions of the ties, which greatly increases the wig wearer's convenience and allows easy access to fingers for adjustment.


Directly eliminate the step of cutting lace, more straightforward and simple. air wig helps users to achieve three seconds to wear, that is, wear the quick wig-wearing experience. The pre-cut lace helps the wearer to save a large portion of time when wearing the Air wig due to cutting the lace, which is ideal for novice wig wearers who are afraid of hassles and wigs.


3D Domp cap makes the wig strong and not easy to fall. The face of many users reflect the head circumference is too small or too large, simply can not buy their own suitable wig, air wig series in the traditional straps based on the optimization of the width as well as enhance the adjustability of the straps to ensure the solidity of the same time increase flexibility. Whatever the size of the head circumference, it can easily adapt.

Unice's product innovation is based on a decade of deep knowledge of the industry and the basic starting point of serving millions of people around the world, aiming to provide a more natural and healthier look to women. Unhealthy beauty is not true beauty, but true beauty is built on a healthy foundation that radiates from the inside out.

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Air wig builds a bridge for women to live a healthy life, starting from the head, so that everyone can be their true selves!

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