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Let U Part Wig Enhance Your Beauty! Review From UNice

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

U part wig and v part wig have always been the most popular types of wigs for girls who are looking for a natural look. u part wig usually has a very wide range of sizes to choose from to meet all your basic requirements for a wig. We have selected some real reviews about u part wig from unice customers, to take you through everything you need to know about the u part wig.

1. What is u part wig?

U part wig is a kind of hair extension attached to the u-shaped wig cap, in the wig cap underneath matching clips and ties can be used to fix the hair and wig to each other. This is a hairstyle that you can install in no time. u part wig can give you thick hair and a very natural look, and if you want a colorful look, it can also meet your needs.

u part wig

2. What are the advantages of u part wig?

2.1 Easy to wear

u part wig

With u part wig you don't need to use glue to wear the wig or other sewing and wearing methods, you just need to wear the wig on the top of your head easily. Regular use of glue to wear wigs can damage native hair and hair follicles on the head, and over time may even lead to irreversible hair loss and other problems. u part wig is a wig that protects the hair and provides a barrier to the hair when you weave it into a braid and hide it inside the wig cap. Unlike wigs that require glue, the u part wig gives you zero access to your hair.

2.2 Suitable for newcomers

Suitable for newcomers

For any newcomer to wig wearing, the simpler the wearing method the easier it is to get started, those wigs that require stitching or glue for wearing instead make the process of wearing a wig very difficult. Even for wig first-timers, u part wig is as easy as putting on clothes and shoes, because it is a ready-to-wear wig. Just wrap your hair in the wig cap and then put the wig on your head, adjusting the edges as well as the hairline.

2.3 Natural look

Natural look

The u part wig has a u-shaped opening in the top part of the head through which your native hair can be released to create a very natural look. This u-shaped opening allows the wig and the native hair to blend, successfully hiding the traces of the wig and making your hair look as perfect as the original.

2.4 Protecting hair

Protecting hair

Wigs with U-shaped sections help protect the scalp and care for the hair regularly. Thanks to the multiple combs inside, wigs with U-shaped sections blend in with your natural hair and prevent tangles. Unlike other lace wigs, this wig will not pull on your scalp. Plus, because you can put the wig on and take it off every night, you won't need to braid it so tightly that the edges will be taut. Washing and caring for your hair every day is easy for you.

3. U part review from UNice

After learning some basic information about u part wig and the advantages of wearing this wig, you must also want to hear the most honest feedback from the customers who bought u part wig. Here's a look at the u part wig reviews from UNice

Body wave u part wig with natural black hair

Body wave u part wig with natural black hair

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Cap Style-Density: U Part-150%, V Part-150%, U Part-250%

Stretched Length/inch: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28

Who doesn't want to have a dark and shiny hair? Black is the color that highlights the sophistication of one's features, and those who can manage black hair well must be very temperamental people. The u part wig has a bright glossy finish and the body wave curl texture gives the wig a new texture, making the wearer look very classy.

Customers’ comments


Little to no shedding! Great quality hair! So easy to put on and take off. A great get up and go wig if you love your leave out like me! Came quick with a cute goodie bag!


This wig is amazing!!! I loveee it, I get so many compliments. The hair no sheds and it's full. Very great communication with the vendor. I will be sure to always purchase from this vendor!! Buy this hair you will not regret it!!

Body wave u part wig

Customers’ comments


I really love it! This wig is great, the hair is very smooth and soft, the service is great, and the hair quality is better! Wow! The wig is very plump, soft, no odor, no odor, and the wig is thick and full.


Love love love it finally found something that fits my 4c texture always gets compliments on it an best thing is if you straighten it a little you all know HUMIDITY but even when real hair puff up it still blends an look like you just blow dried your hair highly recommend

Kinky straight u part wig

Kinky straight u part wig

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Lace Part Size/Inch: U Part, V Part

Density: 150%

Stretched Length/inch: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26(Model), 28

kinky straight is a natural texture that African-American girls love, which is almost exactly the same as the texture of native hair. For those who are looking for a natural effect, this u part wig is very suitable for those who are looking for a natural wearing effect. The u-shaped opening gives you the most natural-looking hair seam.

Customers’ comments


This was my first time purchasing a wig online, and I was pleased with the order. The only thing I would prefer is to be able to select different cap sizes. I ended up removing the clips and sewing this in. It easily blends with my natural hair, and it holds a good curl with flexi rods, giving me that full natural look.


It didn’t take long for my wig to come, very soft no bad smell, they also send you very special gifts inside it’s nice packaging I love my wig it’s very pretty! If you are thinking about ordering it I highly recommend!!

Kinky straight u part wig

Customers’ comments


The wig came really fast , it was true size 20 inches , no smell and it was just right I'm over excited about this wig , easy to curl . Will definitely be ordering from this vendor in the future.


the color looks very beautiful. Received the hair and it looks axactly as above i am a happy customer and will defined buy again . The communication was also top notch they made sure I receive my hair in time .

4. Conclusion

Have you been touched by the honest reviews of those customers about u part wig in this article? If you also want a wig with good texture and natural wearing effect, then come to UNice and buy it now!

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