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Won't You Try Butterfly Clips To Go Back To The 90s?

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Fashion is a circle of reincarnation, and for the past decade or so we've been tracing the hairstyles that were popular in decades past, innovating with the retro wave of hairstyles and hair colors. And this year, more and more butterfly clips hairstyle are appearing on social media. This accessory with the style of the 1990s has now returned to mainstream pop culture. Let this article give you some inspiration and let butterfly clips 90s take you back to the last century!

1. Are butterfly clips from the 90s?

butterfly clips from the 90s

This is a hair accessory that became popular in the 1990s and was also very popular in the millennium. We used to buy them in bulk at the mall. They are small, versatile, and full of personality. While they may have been used heavily in the past (after all, in the past, no one would choose to clip is butterfly clips in their hair) but starting in 2022, these hair accessories will also add a touch of cuteness and liveliness to your hairstyle.

butterfly clips from the 90s

In the past, butterfly clips were usually used to pull back part of the hair from the top of the head, which was done to prevent the hair from blocking the eyes. Today, using just one or two butterfly clips can add nostalgia and fun to any day, something we can certainly embrace these days. Use them to pull your hair in half, accentuate the length of your braid, or keep bangs out of your face.

2. Nice butterfly clips 90s for you

2.1 Vintage purple butterfly clips 90s

Vintage purple butterfly clips 90s

Purple is perfect for black hair or dark brown hair, it has a variety of uses and can add vibrancy to curly hair or hairstyles with bangs or braids. Light purple is a dreamy color that will quickly bring you to the charm of the popular hairstyles of the last century.

2.2 Colorful butterfly hair clips with angles

Colorful butterfly hair clips with angles

The rich colors allow you to make absolutely no mistakes in your choice. This is the most classic of all the clips and the most suitable for young people who want to incorporate trendy elements into their hairstyle. The angular design gives the butterfly clips a very sophisticated aesthetic look, a new trendy element incorporated into the popular elements of the last century.

2.3 Golden metallic butterfly clips

Golden metallic butterfly clips

When your hair is curly like a body wave, the metallic style 90s butterfly clips will be more suitable and they will make your hair look more beautiful. This is a more modern transformation of the 90s butterfly clips, and the incorporated metal elements can look more noble and elegant.

2.4 Tortoiseshell butterfly hair clips

Tortoiseshell butterfly hair clips

Different from the small butterfly clips, this group is of the hair grip type. It can clip up more hair, so you can use it to tie your hair into a half ponytail, braids, and other hairstyles.

2.5 Pink and black laser butterfly clips

Pink and black laser butterfly clips

Radium is the best element of the new era into the retro, these two years these kinds of bags, accessories, clothes are integrated into the radium element. The pairing of black and pink visually conveys a strong sense of color difference, and the radium color will blend the two, reflecting a different color in the sunlight.

3. Butterfly clips 90s hairstyles recommendation

3.1 Y2K rainbow butterfly clips hairstyle

Y2K rainbow butterfly clips hairstyle

If you have an African-American ethnic hairstyle, like curly hair, you would be perfect to put butterfly hair clips on your hair because it has a lot of volumes and visually looks more voluminous. clips 90s look more wonderful.

3.2 Big 90s Butterfly clip claw hairstyle

Big 90s Butterfly clip claw hairstyle

A look suitable for creating regularly, you can't miss it. Just like the tortoiseshell butterfly clips introduced earlier, you can choose a color of your choice and take out a small part of it on your hair. And tie your hair at the back of your head and clip it up with butterfly clips. It's a one-minute hairstyle for people with busy work and lives!

3.4 butterfly clips with locs

butterfly clips with locs

You may not have thought that butterfly clips 90s would match so well with locs until you tried this hairstyle. In the past, we used to match the locs with some small charms or some decorations, but since butterfly clips became popular, it has become the perfect match with woven hair.

3.5 Y2K high bun look with butterfly clips

Y2K high bun look with butterfly clips

The same classic bun look can be achieved by parting the hair in the front with a clearer pattern and pinning a row of butterfly clips near the bun.

4. Conclusion

If you've got your heart set on butterfly clips 90s, buy some small butterfly hair clips and create your look!

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