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The truth about brazilian hair

Last updated Oct.16,2020

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For many women, a beautiful head of hair is more than just a stroke of good luck. It is something to work for, care for, and cherish. It is a representation of a woman’s particular style and personality as well as her health and history. This is why making sure your hair is always vibrant and gorgeous every day is a must.

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There are a lot of types of hair extensions products available in the market.The best real hair extensions must be made from Brazilian hair which is in the highest quality of human hair. The Brazilian hair is totally natural and is not processed through chemical methods. All the cuticles on the hair are protected well from any damage.

In this article, we are going to tell you the truth the most popular virgin Brazilian hair.



What is Brazilian hair?

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Virgin Brazilian Hair has gained the most popularity in the last few years due to its luxurious texture and versatility. virgin Brazilian hair is beautiful and it makes great looking hair extensions. It comes in wavy, straight or curly patterns. The straight textures are not bone straight and tend to have light waves in it. It styles very easily, and although not recommended, handles heat well and can hold a curl all day. Virgin Brazilian hair extensions blend well with most natural ethnic hair textures and can last up to a year or more with proper care.


Where does the Brazilian hair weave come from?


Typically, Brazilian hair is collected from donors in the South American region. Most of the donors come from small, rural places within Brazil, where the donors are paid for growing and then donating strong, healthy hair.

Where does the Brazilian hair weave come from?

Unfortunately, true Brazilian hair is very rare. In actuality, the majority of hair labeled virgin Brazilian hair is curly Indian hair that has been steamed. It’s fairly common for hair suppliers to come from Brazil to buy Indian hair wholesale then take it back to their country to mark up and sell to women across the world.

You can read What's the differences between virgin brazilian,peruvian,malaysian and indian hair this article to learn more about the distance between virgin Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair.


What’s the feature of Brazilian human hair extensions?

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Advantages and disadvantages of Brazilian hair extensions.



  • These extensions are made of human, all natural hair and they are high in quality.It can make these customers look more natural after their hairstyles are changed.

  • Brazilian hair extensions can be cut to the desired length and dyed to match your natural or dyed hair and highlights.

  • It’s possible to use curlers, curling irons, flat irons and other heated styling products on them.

  • It is easy to maintain and style because it does not mat or tangle like some other lesser quality human hair. They look authentic, shiny and healthy.

  • Once you learn how to apply for these extensions properly, you’ll see that it’s simple to loop or clip them into your own hair.

  • It lasts longer than the other types of virgin human hair, it is durable (this includes the Indian, Japanese and Malaysian human hair types).

  • Brazilian hair is always full and versatile and this helps reduce the bundle of hair that you will need to make use of when making your hair in order to make it appear full, bouncy and shiny.

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  • The only Disadvantage of virgin Brazilian hair is the price. Natural Brazilian hair extensions are a little bit expensive and you need at least 3 pieces for the desired look, depending on your hair’s thickness, length, and texture.

  • Besides, you may need some extra money for the salon assistance the first time you install your Brazilian hair weave.If you place it incorrectly, Brazilian hair might be noticeable and gaudy.

How long does virgin Brazilian hair weave last?


Brazilian hair offers a luxuriously soft, low maintenance install that will last 12-24 months with proper care. This texture blends seamlessly with most hair types and can be colored, straightened and styled with ease. Once straightened, simply wetting the hair will return its original wave pattern. Be sure to use a shampoo and nightly use of a 100% silk bonnet or wrap will significantly prolong your install.

Shop the most popular Brazilian hairstyles;


If you want your hair that is thick and shiny and will last well, buy Brazilian hair may be a right choice. A sensual look that will give you great confidence as you walk down the street, and make you want to show off and feel comfortable that your hair extensions will feel natural when others touch them.Shop the most popular Brazilian hairstyles:


Shop for Brazilian Body Wave With Lace Closure

Shop for Brazilian Straight Virgin Hair

Shop for Brazilian Curly Human Hair Extensions


If you have more questions about this popular Brazilian hair, welcome to contact us directly, we are happy to solve all of your hair problems.Meanwhile, UNice Mall pursues the latest fashion and aim to create your beauty, to deliver the beauty and glam to every woman.



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