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The Biggest Wig Color Trends to Try This Fall

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When we think of fall, we think of the scent of pumpkin spice, trips to the apple orchard, and the leaves taking on beautiful new colors. What better way to express your love for the fall season than updating your hair with an iconic color? Here are UNice Top 5 wigs for you to become a color chameleon.

Fall 2022 Hair Trends | Best Human Hair Color Wigs For Fall

1. Bombshell Reddish Brown Wig

Reddish Brown Wig

Price: Starts From $99 (25% Off Limited Sale!!!)

Length: 14-30 Inches

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This reddish brown wig has an iconic brown hair color trend that has been around for a while. The reddish brown color can add warmth to your hair and give you that wonderful combination of deep red and classic brown in the upcoming fall. And this red-brown colored wig has a 13x4 lace front and a 4x0.75 lace part for you to choose from according to your budget.

2. Classic Natural Black Wig

Natural Black Jerry Curly Wig

Price: Starts From $99 (25% Off Limited Sale!!!)

Length: 14-26 Inches

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you are not sure about trying a colored wig and want to play a safe card. With the natural black color and cute curls, this black curly wig screams classic and natural. Now it is available for only a $99 minimum cost.

3. Stunning Burgundy 99J Wig

Burgundy Body Wave Wig

Price: Starts From $109.50 (20% Off Limited Sale!!!)

Length: 14-26 Inches

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

With an exotic and gorgeous body wave texture, this red-wine colored burgundy wig looks extremely sexy. It is lace design optional: 13x4 lace front and lace part. Choosing a lace front is a great choice if you want to get your hairstyle versatile. And don't worry about the cost, you can enjoy this burgundy unit and pay later with Afterpay, Sezzle, Klarna, ZIP, and PayPal, etc.

4. Gorgeous Honey Blonde Wig

Honey Blonde Wig

Price: Starts From $99 (27% Off Limited Sale!!!)

Length: 14-28 Inches

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

With hues of honey blonde highlights, this brown basic colored wig is bought to the next level. The honey blonde wig has sun-kissed and face-framing highlights, which can compliment your face shape. You can pay in 4 interest-free payments of $24.75 with Afterpay, Sezzle, Klarna, etc now.

5. Tasty Burgundy With Rose Highlights Wig

Burgundy With Rose Highlights Wig

Price: Starts From $166.76 (15% Off Limited Sale!!!)

Length: 16-26 Inches

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

New colored wig alert!!! This Cardi B approved burgundy wig help create an edgy money piece highlights look. If you are trying to find the best bombshell burgundy-colored wig this is the one!!!.

Tips For Choosing the Right Color

The color of your wig is the basis of how it will make you feel. Maybe you want something that matches your natural hair color, or maybe you want to venture out and try something new. Whatever you're looking for, we have some tips to help you choose the perfect wig color.

Match your wig color to ......

Your skin tone

Your eye color

Popular colors to try

Maybe you need more guidance on colors to try and with so many options available, it can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we wanted to provide you with some color choices to try that may be beneficial to you.

Trying wig colors can be incredibly exciting and daunting when you look at all the options available, especially when new and readily available colors become more mainstream. So remember to start slowly and try one color at a time. Taking the time to find the right color that suits you and makes you feel confident is a top priority.

Choosing the right wig color can change your look immediately and you can easily and quickly try new styles without damaging your natural hair.

Why Choose A Colored wig?

UNice colored wigs are designed with the idea that we believe every girl deserves a unique wig to show off her charms. You can find your dream fashion wig here, whether it's a gradient, black, blonde, blue, purple, grey, or silver hair color. Each wig from UNice Wig is made from 100 human hairs, which means you can use curlers to create your own hairstyle. In addition, you can enjoy the wonderful experience of having different colors and styles of wigs available to you. You can wear them to parties, lunch dates, role plays, and anywhere!

There are thousands of wigs available, so if you are someone who likes to update your hairstyle with the seasons, you will never get bored.

But no matter what length or style you choose, finding the right color wig is always the most challenging part of the wig buying process.

Remember, it can be fun to try out different wig colors. A new color is a chance to become a new you!

Enhance your best look with UNice colored lace wigs! Created for the adventurous woman, our colored human hair wigs are available in a variety of shades, from calm and natural to bright and natural. Whether it's blonde, red, pink, burgundy, orange, blue, purple, gradient or highlights, you'll find the ideal colored wig here.

Be confident, beautiful, and empowered with our high-quality wigs and toupees. Go shopping now. Get a huge selection of colors and styles as well as helpful guides and tips. Price match guarantee. Free shipping over $50. Human hair. Special offers.

Where Can I Buy High-quality Colored Wigs?

If you want to buy high-quality colored wigs, visit unice.com. We offer high-grade colored wigs, highlighted wigs, and chemical-free gradient wigs that are very soft and flexible. For novice wig wearers, we recommend starting out with a wig color that is as close to your natural hair color as possible. For a natural look, choose a wig that is the same shade as your natural hair, or one shade in. Of course, if you are not sure what color wig to choose, you can consult us or send us a sample and our staff will do their best to help you.

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