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Things You Want to Know about Men's Wigs

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They say real men wear pink, but do real men wear wigs? Wigs are very common among the female population and are even becoming more and more popular. But when men are missing a little ...... or a lot, should they also have the perfect haircut?

Can men wear wigs?

Can men wear wigs?

For most men, their hair will show visible signs of aging first, with some showing their first strands of gray hair as early as their 20s. This is usually related to the thickness, texture and location of hair growth. Hair growth begins to slow, strands become thin and gray and often become scarce in some areas.

Wigs for men are not as popular as wigs for women but are actually becoming more common. Not only men, but women don't want people to know they're wearing a wig, so good wigs on the market today are so natural that they're almost undetectable.

Which is great news for anyone who needs one! But a wig that stands out on a man is not a good wig! If you can easily tell that a man is wearing a wig, it will only highlight the fact that the wig looks fake, so men should be aware of this.

How to wear a men's wig?

How to wear a men's wig?

● Men's wigs are becoming more and more popular, but one of the questions we hear a lot from our male customers is: how do you wear a men's wig? bingo! Next we'll look at how to wear a men's wig!

● To make sure your wig fits perfectly, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head around your front hairline, behind your ears and the back of your neck.

● Brush your natural hair back out of your face and pin up the long strands - be sure to keep it as flat as possible on your scalp.

● Cover your natural hair with a wig cap and secure the cap with snap closures to ensure your hair doesn't show through the wig.

● Slide the wig to the front of your head until it lines up with your hairline, then pull it back.

● Adjust the wig until it looks natural, then secure it with wig glue or tape so it doesn't move while you're wearing it.

If you are worried about wigs falling out, try these tools to make your wig more secure, after all, no one wants to walk around with their hair gone.

1. Wig Caps

1. Wig Caps

● A wig cap is a fine mesh cap that you can wear underneath the wig near your head. You can wear a wig cap whether you have hair or not, because its uses are manifold: 

● The wig cap flattens the natural growth of hair so that there are no unevenness under the wig.

● It protects your scalp from itchy wig liners and protects your wig from sweat and grease.

● Creates a grip for the wig to bond while you wear it.

2. Wig Strap

As the name implies, a wig band is a band that fits your scalp and holds your wig in place. Wig straps are designed to maximize comfort and provide soothing properties for your head.

3. Wig glue

If you want to make your wig more secure, then wig glue is also a good choice. Wig glue adheres to the scalp and wig lining, bonding them together. But don't apply it to the area of the scalp where your natural hair grows, as it can damage your natural hair and be painful to shed!

For best results, apply a small amount of topical alcohol to the skin area to cleanse and remove any oil from the skin before gluing it to the scalp.

How to choose a natural-looking wig for men?

As with all of our wigs, we want male wig wearers to feel comfortable in their own skin. We've put together this short guide on how to choose a natural-looking wig for men that will make you feel confident when wearing it.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs

For men, since most haircuts are short, it's important to customize it to your face shape and needs. A lace front wig will provide you with the most natural-looking front hairline. This is important because it is the telltale sign of a wig (if the hairline is not on the lace front material).

For a natural-looking men's wig, a front lace wig is a good choice because the lace blends into the front of the wig and gives the hairline a very natural look.

Human hair wigs

Human hair wigs

Most people prefer to wear human hair wigs. However, these wigs for men can be quite expensive, but you can also get a high-quality and long-lasting human hair wig that looks and feels like real hair. Human hair wigs can look and feel very natural. With proper care, a human hair wig can last a year or more when worn daily. Many human hair wigs can be styled, permed and colored just like your own hair.

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are lightweight and look completely natural, but can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear. Synthetic wigs are ideal when you need to wear a wig for a short period of time, and because of this, acrylic wigs are popular for occasions such as masquerade parties.

Avoid using a hair dryer when cleaning synthetic wigs, as the heat may cause them to melt. Because they are pre-styled, the hairstyle will retain its shape even after washing. Acrylic wigs can be worn even in the rain.

Summing up

We know that it is important for some people to have lush hair. If you want to look more natural looking, we recommend that you choose a wig that matches your natural hair or eyebrow color whenever possible.

When you first put on a men's wig, you will probably feel strange, probably because you are not used to it or it is not the right wig for you, keep looking until you find the one you like best.

Many celebrities wear wigs, such as Nicolas Cage, John Travolta and Brett Michaels, and men's wigs are becoming more and more common. Gone are the days of wigs that look like you are wearing a squirrel tail on your head. Wigs for men and women are beautifully crafted and when worn correctly, are undetectable by anything other than your own hair.

If you would like to purchase a wig in person from a store, please explain your situation carefully and look to try on a wig before you buy.

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