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The wrong way you wash your hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Every one of us all knows how to wash hair and we wash hair for many times actually, Even though you wash your hair every day, you may be doing it completely wrong that you don’t know. It’s no doubt that wrong care method may cause damage to the virgin remy hair bundles, not only be bad for the healthy of your locks but also affect you o show your eternal beauty.

Today I will share some wrong way you should stop washing your hair and I will tell you, How You Should Do It.No matter what your hair weave is, Brazilian Remy hair, virgin Peruvian hair or remy indian hair extensions, that all need your extremely care to maintain its healthy and beauty.

1.Wash Your Hair Every Day

As a general rule, hair should be washed as often as needed.No matter what’s your work and what about your hair, you shouldn't wash your hair every day.Because the hair is not attached to your scalp,it does not receive the protection or moisturizing effects of the natural oils.If you have an extremely oily scalp, consider using a dry shampoo at your roots between washings.


2.Only use one Shampoo

Your shampoo should change as the seasons’ change for different climatic characteristics.For example, use moist in spring and autumn, while turn to the salubrious product in summer and winter, Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products.Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable, so use leave in conditioners.You can also use products like gel and hairspray to keep the curls in place, but make sure to wash your hair and not leave in these products in for a long time.


3.Shampoo the hair on the scalp only

Apply shampoo only at the scalp. The youngest hair part is closest to the scalp so this area is the oiliest one, and the ends of the hair and the most fragile, driest and oldest part of the hair.

Shampoo the hair

4.Use a conditioner or never use conditioner

Just as we choose and change our shampoo, you should change conditioner as the seasons’ change for its various feature.Use a conditioner or never use conditioner both wrong different behavior.


5.Brush Your Hair When It's Wet

Wet hair is much weaker than dry hair, so treat it carefully. One of the worst things you can do is tug a brush through it, forcing tangles apart, Wasser says. Instead, try brushing your hair before hopping in the shower to work out knots and air out the roots.


6.Use Too-Hot Tools

It’s harmful to dye, perm and strengthens the hair.It will reduce the life of the hair.Although your hair is premium human hair,it can be dyed and restyled.But please be careful to control the temperature and caring your hair in a right way.If you want to dye the special and lighter color, please go to a professional hairstylist or contact your seller customer service before you dye, they will tell you how to dye the hair better.

Hot Tools


When you wash your Remy virgin hair, the first step you can swash it at the first time, if you have a long hair, you should consider using a conditioner before shampoo,you ‘d better change your hair shampoo and conditioner some time,remember to brush it when it’s dry, lastly, reduce to use the hot tools to you.

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