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The Prettiest Hair Colors For Fall

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

The weather turns cooler, the leaves gradually turn yellow, and autumn comes quietly. In the white mist of the morning, we know that autumn is coming. As we all know, the change of seasons almost always heralds a shift in trends— especially when it comes to hair color. Now, do you have your favorite fall hair color? It doesn't matter if you haven't picked a color yet. In this article, we're going to introduce you to a variety of hair colors that are perfect for fall.

Sexy Golden Caramel Brown Hair


Speaking of the prettiest hair colors for fall, we have to touch on the stylish and sexy golden caramel brown hair color. Caramel brown hair color is a warm mix of brown and blonde hair colors, which make you give off a warm and sunny impression on people. If you want to alter your hair color, why not try this hair color? It is proper for all skin tones. In addition, you can pick up the shade of this color in terms of your own needs.

If you dare not try this hair color easily, you can first try a human hair wig with the same color, which is made of 100% virgin human natural hair and can bring you a particularly natural appearance.


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Ginger Hair Color


If you're looking to alter your hair color and refresh your look, ginger hair is just what you need! This color is perfect for cool fall as it creates a warm, healthy, vibrant feeling. What's more, the color is so bright that it complements your skin tone and makes you stand out in a crowd. Therefore why not quickly try this gorgeous ginger hair color?

If you are a wig lover, you can try a ginger orange wig. It can give you a more natural look for it is made of human natural hair. Also, it is simple to maintain and will not waste a lot of your time.

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Auburn Hair Color


Auburn hair has a mysterious and elegant feel. This is a gorgeous color that fits any skin tone. The warm reddish hue can really brighten your face and enhance your facial features. If matched with water wave hair, there will be unexpected effects - making you particularly temperamental and dignified. When paired with delicate eye makeup and crimson lipstick, this auburn water wave hair can show off your unique personality.

Dark Chocolate Hair Color


If you're thinking about changing your hair color this fall, but don't want to go too extreme, dark chocolate is just what you need. This hair color is extremely popular in 2022 because it mixes warm and cool brunette shades, perfect for cozy and cool fall days. At the same time, it gives a feeling that you are approachable and easy to get along with.

Deep Burgundy Hair Color


Would like to try a unique and bold hair color? Then you must not miss deep burgundy. Burgundy hair color is a red-based color that incorporates three shades of brown, purple, and black to create a deep and intense wine tone. This hair color makes you look especially chic, noble, and mysterious. Moreover, deep burgundy shades can range from cherry to purple hair, and you can choose the shade according to your preference and mood.

If you are not sure whether this color is right for you, then you can first try our lace frontal wig in the same color.


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Bubbly Blonde Hair


Have you heard of bubbly blonde hair color? It will be one of the most fashionable hair colors in 2020. Bubble blonde, also known as champagne blonde, refers to the perfect combination of blonde and pale pink. This bubble blonde is a great option for women with medium-length hair and is able to make their hair look very shiny. And, this hair color gives the impression to people that you are very elegant, gentle, and intellectual.

Butterscotch Blonde


Looking for new hair color for fall? Why not try rich butterscotch blonde? The word "butterscotch" originated to describe a scotch tape-like hair color with a lustrous golden brown, usually warm blonde. This lovely hair color is the ideal combination of brown and blonde to add movement and structure to your hair, which can make you more elegant and soft. If you are intrigued by butterscotch blonde, you can have a try. It will not let you down.

Blush Pink


Are you bored with brown hair colors? Want to change your hair color? Then you can try blush pink, which is the most popular hair color in 2022. This blush-pink hair color has warm undertones and goes very well with fall. It makes you more cute and lively, which let your life full of vitality. Therefore come and try this lovely blush pink.

Wheat Blonde Balayage


If you're not too comfortable with the idea of going dark, warm, wheat-colored blondes are a great option for fall. Suitable for all skin tones, this hair color will accentuate your facial features and make you look more temperamental. In addition, it can assist your hair to increase its thickness to a certain extent, perfectly showing your beauty and charm.

You can try our honey blond highlight wig of the same color if you don’t know whether you are right for this color.


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Mushroom Brown Hair


Mushroom brown hair is named for its similar appearance to natural brown mushrooms, which is one of the most popular and trendiest hair colors in the fashion industry. It will give you an unexpected surprise— make you look classy and mature, giving people the impression that you are nobility and cool. So why not take mushroom brown hair color into consideration? You can rest assured that it will not make you disappointed.


Here is a variety of prettiest hair colors for fall we recommend for you. If you are deeply attracted to them, you can pick up your favorite hair color and try it out. It will definitely give you unexpected results, so hurry up and start your new hair color journey!

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