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The Gorgeous Hair Colors For Medium Skin Tone

Last updated Mar 29, 2024

With the progress of society, people have higher and higher requirements for beauty. We are always eager for a new hairstyle and considering trying a new hair color for adding a little color to our hair can refresh our skin for the sunny days ahead, and leave a great impression on people. It is essential for us to pick up hair colors according to our skin tone. Are you searching for gorgeous hair colors for medium skin tones? In this passage, we have collected a large number of top hair colors for you.

1. What Is Medium Skin Tone?

skin tones and undertones

Medium skin tone, mostly known as olive skin tone, refers to your skin being a medium color, with potential olive undertones. “ Undertones” will be explained in the next part.

2. What Is An Undertone In Skin?

“ Undertone” is the term used to indicate that subtle, softer color that lies beneath the skin. You can consider it as an ever-present "shadow" that follows you forever and never changes. No matter how the surface color changes, the base color will always stay the same.

3. How To Judge Your Skin Undertone?

judge your skin undertone

Before picking a gorgeous hair color for medium skin, you first have to decide your undertone. You can take a closer look at the color of the blood vessels on your wrist in natural sunlight. If the color takes on blue or purple, your skin undertone is a cool undertone. And the blood vessels on your wrist will appear green if you have a warm skin undertone. If you can’t judge whether the color is blue or green, you may have a neutral skin undertone. If you need more messages on how to identify your skin undertone, you can click: How To Find The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone.

4. Gorgeous Hair Colors For Cool Toned Medium Skin

When it comes to hair colors for cool-toned medium skin, we are going to choose some cool-toned colors. We should avoid warm colors such as yellow and orange as much as possible because this will appear disproportionate to the skin and will make people look lifeless.

4.1 Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde hair

Are you searching for a hair color that accentuates your features and makes them stand out? Platinum blonde is perfect for you! It is a great color for cool skin tones. If you match the cool makeup, then you must be the most attractive in the crowd. So why not try this color?

If you are not sure whether the platinum blonde color is right for you, you can buy this color wig to judge.

4.2 Mocha With Highlights

Mocha With Highlights

Finding the right chocolate brown hair color for you can be a bit of a challenge if you have cool undertones. However, mocha with highlights looks great on medium skin with cool undertones. The mashup of icy gold highlights and milk chocolate brown gives a sedate yet slightly lively feel. So you can give it a try.

4.3 Burgundy

Burgundy Hair Color

Would you like to try a bold and unique color? Burgundy is well worth trying. The burgundy hair color is a mix of brown and purple to produce a deep burgundy hue, which can set off your skin and make you look lighter, and leave a deep impression on people. So why not have this trendy color quickly?

If you are a wig lover, you also can pick up our burgundy color wigs, which will give you the most natural look.

5. Gorgeous Hair Colors For Warm Toned Medium Skin

For people with medium to warm skin tones, your skin tone gives a serene feeling and is very soft and unobtrusive. Your ideal hair color should make your skin look healthy and natural. So do you want to find the proper hair color for yourself? Please read the following sections.

5.1 Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde Hair Color

Honey blonde is a hair color that mixes light brown and sunny blonde with warm blonde tones running through it. It is suitable for warm-toned medium skin. Because it will make you look younger by amplifying your best features of a bright and fresh complexion.

5.2 Caramel Balayage

Caramel Balayage hair

Are you looking for a hair color that brightens your complexion? Caramel balayage is the most suitable color for you. The warm caramel brown color makes your hair look amazing and is cute but not too pretentious. No matter what hairstyle you are, try this hair color!

5.3Ginger Color

Ginger Color hair

If you seeking a hair color for warm to medium skin, you can try ginger hair color. Ginger is a very light red that looks golden but has a red undertone similar to strawberry gold, perfect for a natural, healthy look. No matter what makeup look you wear, it will exude a warm feeling.

Do you take interest in this color? Are you not sure if this color is proper for you? Then it is necessary for you to pick up a ginger color wig first.

6. Gorgeous Hair Colors For Neutral Toned Medium Skin

If you have neutral undertones, you are especially fortunate. You can choose any color you want to pick up, and any color is suitable for you.

6.1 Natural Black

Natural Black hair

Natural black is classic and beautiful, and will never go out of style. You can always believe it. Different hairstyles with natural black will take on various effects. For example, if you have long and straight hair, then you can pair it with natural black, which makes people feel you are elegant and gentle. Therefore, natural black is well worth having a try, it will not let you down.

If you dare not try this color easily but want to have it, then you can choose a natural black wig to meet your needs.

6.2 Reddish Brown

Reddish Brown hair

Reddish brown color, also commonly known as auburn color, refers to a mixture of shades of reds and browns. It will be particularly popular in fall because reddish brown is a warm color that makes us comfortable and relaxed. If the color exerts a tremendous fascination on you, you can have a try.

You can buy a reddish brown wig to determine if you are not sure whether the hair color is suitable for you.

6.3 Rich Chocolate

Rich Chocolate Hair Color

Would you like to have a hair color that makes you look temperament? Rich chocolate is the best option for you! It leaves people with a feeling of maturity and elegance. You can pick out assorted shades of chocolate color depending on your needs.

7. Conclusion

There are a large number of hair colors I recommend to you. If you especially take an interest in them, you can have a try. But this is just a suggestion. Of course, if you have the color you particularly like, you can try it, never mind what your skin color is. You can dye any color you want, as long as you are happy. Therefore start your fashionable hair color journey now!

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