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Hot Girl Summer Hairstyles Guide

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

What comes to your mind when it comes to hot girl summer hairstyles? Is it an ombre sunset-inspired hair like Cardi B or a laid-back beachy vibe that the Kardashians are wearing these days? Whichever look you are leaning more towards, you can’t have a hot summer without the perfect summer hairstyle! Here, we rounded up a guide for you to design hot girl summer hairstyles.

Pick Up Some New Hair Colors

Are you tired of dull black hair? Do you have the urge to change new hair color? Why not consider changing your hair color to enjoy the warm weather? After all, there is no better time to change your hair color than summer that is time to have fun and really let it down.

For someone who doesn’t want to have dramatic change, it is a great choice to choose the balayage hair color, which can offer gorgeous looks and fun colors. If you want to get a similar look, you can purchase a high-quality human hair wig that will create a more natural, graduated, sun-kissed color.

Of course, UNice also offers many balayage wigs in any length, texture, and type with you to choose. Of course, so colors are, such as honey blonde, dark brown, blonde, and so on. For example, The FB 30 wigs are our hot-selling products and are very popular with many fans and customers. Except for lace front wigs, there are lace part wigs, headband wigs, and hair bundles.


What about Beyoncé’s caramel blonde money piece hair, supermodel Gisele’s classic beach hair, or Bella Hadid’s “two-toned streak”? Do you want to have a try? The fun and stylish money piece is also named face-framing highlight, which can add more charm to your look and just need minimal maintenance at the same time.

Or it is a great option for you to get red hair always can give people a warm feeling. More importantly, many celebrities had already tried all kinds of red hair and gain many praises from their fans, such as Gigi Hadid, Sophie Turner, and so on.


And honey blonde is a trendy hair color in 2021 as it looks very warm and sweet, and also can compliment almost every skin tone. If you aren’t yet ready to commit to dying your hair, we also sincerely recommend many human hair honey blonde wigs for you.


All honey blonde wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair, and very comfortable and bouncy, which brings personality and pizazz to your hair to some extent. We have to say it is an excellent opportunity to express yourself and add a very special glow to your looks. With these lace front wigs, you don’t need to worry about the damages of coloring hair anymore.

Opt For Some Unique Accessories

Fashion accessories play an important role in the arena of fashion. Nowadays, there are more and more delicate hair accessories in the market, such as barrettes, crown shapers, clips, hair drying towels, hair pins, headbands, side combs, and so on. They are often used as a secondary accessory. When picked correctly, can not only help you look good, but also feel good all day long.


In so many accessories, we sincerely recommend colorful headbands for you. A brightly colored headband is just another way to get noticed in the crowd. Besides, unicorns, doughnuts, crazy patterns, vibrant colors-- have fun and show your style with flair!


For wig lovers, nothing is more convenient and comfortable than wearing a headband wig. After all, headband wigs are easy to install and remove for a few minutes. What so convenient they are! And they are friendly for beginners as you even don’t cut the extra lace and use glue. Not only does it not require any combs, clips, but it also tends to look more natural than lace wigs, and can protect their natural hair and skin well.

Add Some Volume To Your Hair

There is no denying that curly hair is beautiful and flirty. We have already noticed mermaid waves propping up again and again on Instagram and TikTok, where the trend has been tagged over 5.2 million times and counting. Mermaid waves feature beach hair with loose, effortless looking waves which will give you a beach, mermaid look. Compared to beach waves, mermaid waves are a messier and more casual look you can style them on any occasion. You also get a similar look with a human hair deep wave wig.


The deep wave lace front wig is made of 100% human hair, and can be straightened, curled, colored, or dyed according to your need.

May it is a good option for you to buy one curly human hair wig or some curly hair bundles to rock this summer.

But there is no denying that summer also brings a set of challenges to curly hair- humid air, drying sunlight, salt water that all will put hair health at risk. But if with the proper care plan, your curls will rebecome glossy and healthy. In order to help you get your best summer curls, we have already sorted out some helpful suggestions from the most professional hairstylists. You can read our blog How To Get Your Best Summer Curls for a reference.

Here are the most fun and flattering summer hairstyles to keep you cool in the summer heat. You can read those blogs to look for your favorite hairstyle.

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