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The Complete Guide To Edges Or Baby Hairs

Last updated Nov 23, 2023

As one of the crucial steps in styling the hair, edges hair or baby hairs are something that can take your whole look to a different dimension if you do it right, especially when you own textured hair or wear styled wigs. And styling the edges or baby hair is more like an option, not a necessary thing to do. Some people love the effortless and natural unlaid edges, and others like to get their baby hairs smooth and styled before finishing the look.

What Are Edges Hair Or Baby Hair?

Edges hair or baby hair someone would call it is the short and soft hair that grows at the hairline. Baby hair is more common for people who own textured hair, such as curly hair, body wave hair, wavy hair, etc. It is an iconic hairstyle to add more elegance and creation to the look. And people can use baby hairs to frame the face shape.

HD Lace Curly Wigs With Baby Hair

How to do your edges?

Here is something you need to prepare before diving into styling the baby hairs:

Edge Brush Or Toothbrush

Eyebrow Razor

Rat Tail Comb Or Edge Brush With Sectioning Pin

Edge Control Or Hair Gel

Silk Scarf

1. Use the rat tail comb to take out some baby hair from your natural hair or wigs. You can take out the hair from the middle and side of your hairline. And you can cut some of the baby hair with a razor to the desired length at a slant angle. 


2. Apply some gel to moisture your baby hair that you need to style. The truth is that the baby's hair is fragile and needs to be taken care of, baby hair is easy to suffer from dryness and cause hair breakage. So it is suggested that you should use hair products for baby hair creation.


3. Then you can use the edge brush to swoosh the baby hair to curl and wave in a direction that you want. You can blend the end of your baby hair into the hair at the forehead to make it look more natural. Remember you need to apply more gel during the styling procedure. And you can use your fingers to help the baby hair stay in place while styling hair with a brush.


4. After finishing the edges, you can use a silk scarf or elastic band to wrap the hair to secure the edges. Try to use soft materials to protect the fragile edges of the hair and gently take out the satin or band to avoid messing the edges.


5. Keep the scarf on the hair. Ten minutes will suffice. And clean up the residue and mess of makeup around the styled baby hair.

Watch The Full Baby Hair Tutorial:

Some Hair Edges Hairstyles Inspiration

It seems that baby hair has recently taken steps into the mainstream, and there are many trendsetters who embrace and slay baby hair in their own styles. You can take inspiration from the below celebrities:

Chilli Baby Hair


Rihanna Baby Hair


FKA Twigs Baby Hair

FKA Twigs

Zoe Kravitz baby hairr

Zoe Kravitz

Our Choice For Wigs With Baby Hair

If you decide to use hd lace wigs to achieve your desired look with baby hairs, here we offer some best choices for you to slay the baby hair with a natural look.

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