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Why Is The Color Of The Wig You Received Different From The Picture For Colored Wig?

Last updated Jun 26, 2024

Recently, with the hot-selling of colored wigs, many customers put forward a common question on all kinds of social media platforms: “why is the color of the colored wig I received different from the picture of the colored wig?” Today, we will talk about the chromatic aberration problem of UNice3 colored wig. For more information, please keep reading.

Why Is The  Color Of The Wig You Received Different From The Picture For Colored Wig?

Many people sometimes find that the hair color of the colored wigs they received is different from the pictures or video on the website. Even some customers said: “It is not the color of the picture. You send me a wrong wig!” or “You are a liar”.

In fact, it is really not a quality problem but a normal phenomenon. Here we can guarantee that our products are all for real shooting. But there is no doubt that it may be slight chromatic aberration due to the effects of light, camera pixels, and color differences in monitor resolution during shooting! Therefore, pictures are only for information, please take the real object as the standard.

1.Dyeing processes

As we all know, all colored wigs are made by hand. In this case, hair of different production batches and different hair textures will have slightly different hair colors through dyeing. What is more important, the sight chromatic aberration is inevitable in the whole wig industry. So we can not guarantee that the color of our products will be exactly the same as the photographs you saw.

Of course, if you really mind the chromatic aberration, we sincerely recommend you to buy some natural black human hair wigs. For natural black hair color, there are all kinds of high-quality wigs in any length, type, and texture for you to pick, for example, HD lace wigs, headband wigs, lace front wigs, and so on.

2.Different light

Have you ever noticed the hair color of colored wigs looks different depending on the lighting? That is because the color is the effect of light reflecting off pigment. In order to prove it, we especially opt for some types of hot-selling colored wigs to experiment with whether the colors of colored wigs are different or not shooting under the different lights.

Take the 99J colored wig as an example, we can clearly see that even though the colored wig is photoed by the same iPhone, the hair color in sunlight is the most bright in the same environment.


What is more important, there is an obvious difference between the hair color in the sunlight and that in the flash light.


While we photoed 99J colored wigs with the same camera, the hair color in the flash light is also more bright than that in the natural light.


In short, it is the reason why the color of the colored wig you received is different from the picture of the colored wig. There is no denying that different lights are one of the important factors that cause a little chromatic aberration.

3.Different Shooting Equipment

Chromatic aberration occurs because the lens of the camera is virtually a prism. As light passes through the prism, the light is bent and the color wavelengths become separated. Lens imperfections can cause the light to bend incorrectly, and certain wavelengths to change their speed or angle.

Looking at the pictures of the TL412 honey blonde wig, you will notice the honey blonde hair color the iPhone photoed is darker than that of the camera under the same light.


So different shooting equipment also will cause a little chromatic aberration, let alone those girls who are famous on social media often use some filter effects, additional polishing, and special photographing angles, etc to get perfect pictures or videos. Before buying colored wigs, you had better consider carefully or contact our customer service who will help you.

4.Different Texture

In addition to the above factors, hair texture also affects the way color looks because of the way light reflects off the curly or straight fibers. We use the same shooting equipment and light to contrast with straight highlight wigs and curly highlight wigs. Compared to straight honey blonde wigs, curly honey blonde wigs can more bring out the highlights in the hair. So do FB30 brown balayage wigs.


The Hot-selling Colored Wigs Recommendation

1.TL412 Honey Blonde Wig

First of all, we introduce our top-selling product recently----TL412 Honey Blonde Wigs. If you want to be a blonde girl, nothing is better than rocking a honey blonde wig. Compared to the shiny blonde, honey blonde hair color can highlight the gentle and mature temperament of women. What is more important, there are different textures for you to opt for, such as straight, body wave, and curly.


2.FB30 Wigs

Compared to other highlight techniques, the balayage technique makes FB30 wigs subtle, understated, easy to maintain, and last for a long time. If you want to go for a fantastic flirty hairstyle, there are many high-quality FB30 body wave lace front wig for you to choose from, which will give you a natural, sun-kissed look. It is a good option for someone who doesn’t have a dramatic hair color change.


3.Highlight Wigs

Why not consider buying a bob wig in so hot weather? If you love short hair, the highlight bob wig is an excellent choice for you. As we all know, the highlight bob wigs are easy to install and remove, and even can give you a stylish and flattering look. So purchase a bob wig to fully enjoy the fun of summer.


And there are many human hair wigs in any length, color, texture, and type. If you are interested in these, welcome to click here to look through our website.

There is a video about customer review, you can watch it for a reference.

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