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The Best Most Natural Upart Wig Install Start to Finish

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

UNICE has been able to develop products that are both innovative and appealing to customers. U-shaped wigs are not new, but they have long been a sought-after product due to the results they can produce.

Let's go over some of the features of this type of product, as well as how to install the most natural U part wigs in great detail.

Why UNice U-part wig?

UNice U-part wig is a type of hair unit that does not have a front part. You can show your natural hair in the part and have a natural part this way, and U-part wigs come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

If you are interested in a specific aspect of the style, pay close attention before purchasing. Don't buy the wrong center part, middle part, or side part from the large selection available.

It is critical to find the right fitting unit when wearing a U-part wig. If you do not have the proper assembly unit, the entire look will be out of place and will not blend in.

Features of U-part wigs


The price of the U-part wig is one of its main draws. A U-part wig can easily be found for less than $100. If you want a longer wig, you may have to pay a little more. Aside from length, there isn't much room for customization. However, prices are generally stable, and you should not pay more than the advertised price.

2. Adaptability

U-shaped wigs are available in a variety of textures that are ideal for matching your natural hair. Finding a texture that looks like your hair is not only easy to style, but also looks natural.

3. Simple to use

Another advantage of U-part wigs is that you can easily remove it after installation to give your hair a break. While density is not always a customizable option, some businesses do. This allows you to customize the unit to look more like the overall look you're going for.

U-part wigs are usually held together with a comb or clips. They are typically located around the part to allow you to hold the unit in place without having to lift your head. You can easily install these if your wig does not come with them.

4. Quality

The quality of U-part wigs has greatly improved over the years, and they have become a great staple. Although there aren't many options for customization, you can get a basic quality unit for a reasonable price.

Most of these wigs are made of human hair, and they have a good-quality hairline that blends in with your own.

How to install a U-part wig?

A U-part wig is simple to put on. The installation is similar to other types of wigs, with the main difference being that the hair at the top must be left out. Because some of your natural hair will always be visible, you will most likely need to style the U-part wig further.

Here is a video from UNice on how to install a U Part wig, which goes into great detail about UNice packaging and such, as well as straightening the wig. I hope you find this video useful.

1. First, smooth out your UNice wig with a comb

First step

2. Then cut off the parts you don't need.

second step

3. Put the UNice U part wig on your head and adjust it.

third step

4. Smooth out the U part wig on your head with a comb.

forth step

5. Take out your hot tool (LakiaStar in the video is using a tool from UNice), heat to 480 degrees and straighten the hair in sections.

fifth step

6. Now that the wig is all straightened, take out your olive oil spray and spray your own part of the hair with olive oil spray, then use the Rat Tail. Brush to smooth out the sections and straighten the hair with the heat tool.

sixth step

7. Take out your hair wax, set your hair, and now you have beautiful, smooth hair! And no one will notice it's a wig!

seventh step

There are several combs that are used in the video, if you want to know the purpose and use of these combs, you can read these articles:

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How long can a U-part wig be worn?

A U-part wig will last as long as the white is kept out. The wig will only last so long if your scalp dries out quickly and requires frequent washing. Because your wig completes the look, make sure the hair is in good condition.

Can you go to bed wearing a U-shaped wig?

Yes, you can sleep with a U-shaped wig on. If you decide to wear it to bed, just like any other hair unit, make sure that the hair underneath is properly cared for so that damage does not occur. Securing the hair underneath will help to prevent snagging. To protect the wig, you can also wear a cap and other protective tools.

In conclusion

U-part wigs have a very natural appearance. They are a low-cost option that is versatile and usually of high quality. U-part wigs are very similar to other hair units and can thus be treated in the same way.

While you can wear these wigs to bed and leave them on for extended periods of time, it is not always a good idea. Wigs are intended to protect your hair, so take all necessary precautions to achieve healthy hair.

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